Hey NFL Sunday Ticket fans — Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

YouTube, the new distributor of the NFL Sunday Ticket out-of-market football game package for 2023, formally announced its pricing terms, Tuesday, including a savings for those who act quickly.

Spoiler alert — get ready for some deja vu.

YouTube announced its first NFL Sunday Ticket pricing options available through YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels in a blog posting Tuesday.

The NFL Sunday Ticket games will be available to subscribers to stream across the web, TV, mobile and tablet devices that support YouTube and YouTube TV, according to the announcement.

“Users will begin seeing the option to sign up over the next few days. New and existing YouTube TV members will be able to add NFL Sunday Ticket as an add-on, and viewers who purchase through Primetime Channels can do so in several places across YouTube, such as the Movies & TV hub, NFL’s channel and watch page, and search results,” the announcement said.

YouTube Primetime Channels is a feature in the regular YouTube app or web site that allows viewing 30+ streaming services through one location, with various subscription fees charged depending on the channel or service selected. 

Unfortunately, the all-you-can-eat Sunday Ticket pricing requirement, which has been in place since DirecTV originally began offering all out-of-market Sunday games in 1994, remains in place with no a la carte team-specific options possible. At least, none that have been announced so far.

For those not keeping score, YouTube TV won the bidding for the exclusive distribution rights to the household Sunday game package for the 2023 season away from DirecTV and several other streaming and cable/satellite TV competitors last December. The final price was reported at approximately $2 billion.

Some of the other bidders, including Apple TV+, reportedly were looking to offer various packaging/pricing options as a service marketing incentive, but the media speculation was that team owners wanted to keep the terms the same.

That means fans interested only in watching certain teams are out of luck and will have to pony up for the whole magillah — $349 per season for all of the (out-of-market-only) Sunday afternoon games during the regular season.

The good news: if you are a YouTube TV subscriber and act before June 6th, you can get the complete 2023 season of live Sunday afternoon games for a $100 savings of $249.

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According to the YouTube announcement Tuesday, different pricing options apply for YouTube TV subscribers and non-subscribers.

For YouTube TV customers (who already pay at least $72.99 per month for the base plan of live OTT channel service) the Sunday Ticket will run:

$349 per season ($249 if purchased before June 6), or,

$389 per season ($289 by June 6) if purchased with the NFL RedZone channel.

The RedZone channel switches between live games all Sunday long as the ball moves to within 20 yards of the goal line (the so-called Red Zone). This channel is especially popular with gamblers who may or may not have any particular favorite team rooting interests.

For subscribers new to YouTube TV, an introductory price of $62.99 per month for the first three months is available, only for the base package of live OTT (cable pay-TV) channel service.

Those who don’t subscribe to YouTube TV will be able to get the NFL Sunday Ticket package for $449 per season, or $349 if purchased before June 6; $489 ($389 prior to June 6) including the NFL RedZone channel.

YouTube TV will bring members some new features in the package, including access to multiview (multiple games on screen at once) as well as unlimited DVR storage, personalized recommendations, the ability to view key plays, NFL Fantasy data, real time stats and hide spoilers, the company said.

Some of those special features will also be available to NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube Primetime Channels, such as key plays and multiview.

The regular pricing is similar to what DirecTV charged in 2022. Traditionally, DirecTV had made the service available at various reduced pricing levels if purchased at various points mid-season. But whether or not YouTube TV will do the same has not been revealed.

YouTube will release more information on the service in the coming weeks and months.

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By Greg Tarr

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