Yamaha introduced Monday its YAS-108 soundbar (the successor to the popular YAS-107) with easy Bluetooth connectivity to mobile devices.

What makes the sound bar’s Bluetooth capability special, is the ability to connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously, enabling users to switch back and forth quickly and easily between two devices without having to disconnect one before playing the other.

Ringing in at a $199.95 suggested retail price, the YAS-108 features a low-profile, single-chassis design to fit in unobtrusively with today’s flat-panel tlevisions. The soundbar can be easily mounted on a wall or below a television on a tabletop or credenza. The soundbar measures just over two inches tall to fit below most tabletop-placed screens without covering up any portion of the image.

The Yamaha YAS-108 also features connectivity options including HDMI, optical digital and analog audio. The HDMI output incorporates an audio return channel (ARC) to receive stereo and multi-channel audio from over-the-air TV broadcasts and from smart TV video-streaming apps.

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The YAS-108 also features Yamaha Clear Voice technology, which improves the audibility and clarity of dialogue in movies and TV shows while maintaining overall sonic quality. The company said the enhancement makes voices stand out during action scenes and live sports programs with loud background sounds that tend to otherwise overwhelm dialog and narration.

Other features include DTS Virtual:X 3D surround technology to get optimized surround sound out of any sound track. The post-processing technology creates a life-like, immersive 3D sound field that surrunds the listener without multiple speakers around the room.

DTS Virtual:X performs even better when used with soundtracks carrying true object-based surround formats such as DTS:X.

To minimize clutter, the YAS-108 uses an all-in-one construction that, despite its compact size, delivers loud and deep bass without requiring a connection to a separate subwoofer, Yamaha said. Instead, the soundbar features two built-in subwoofers and a bass-reflex port to present full-range sound in conjunction with two dome tweeters and two woofers.

Yamaha said the compact design is ideal for placement in secondary rooms, such as bedrooms and dens.


By Greg Tarr


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