The Westinghouse television line, which is licensed for use in North America by China-based Tong Fang Global, is using CES 2018 to expand its 4K Ultra HD TV assortment with a series of smart TVs based on the built-in Android TV platform.

The Android TVs will have full Chrome Cast and Google Home technology, allowing users to control not only the television functions, but home automation devices around the house as well.

Last year, Westinghouse used the giant Las Vegas technology showcase to introduce its first television line based on the Fire TV OS. That line is doing well and continues to build momentum, said Brett Hunt, Westinghouse sales and marketing VP.

This year, Westinghouse is expanding its selection of smart TVs by providing retailers and consumers with an assortment of products centered around different operating systems, as Westinghouse continues to build its presence in key U.S. retail accounts including Best Buy, Target and others.

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Hunt told HD Guru that with the addition of the Android TV line, Westinghouse will be positioned with a lineup of good, better and best smart TVs.

Westinghouse will offer models running its own MUSE-OS based smart TV platform as its “good line,” the new Android TV line will become the “better line” and the carry-over Fire TV line will remain the “best” smart TV sets.

The Android TV line, which will be named later, will offer 4K Ultra HD resolution, direct LED back lighting with local dimming and screen sizes including 40, 43, 55 and 65 inches.

Like the current Amazon Fire TVs, the sets were not expected to offer support for high dynamic range (HDR), although that was subject to change as the specifications are finalized ahead of launch time.

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Android TV models will have fully functioning Chromecast capability to stream popular apps through a linked Android smart phone or tablet. They will also have Google Home capability to control smart home automation products keyed to the Google Home network. Voice input will be collected through a mic on the remote, requiring a button to be pushed and held to activate pick up.

Pricing was not finalized in the days leading up to the show, but Hunt said he expected the Android sets to fall with “opening price point terrirtory.”

“We see them positioned to go up against the Toshibas and Insignias, offering a nice added value for the price,” Hunt said.


By Greg Tarr


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