The Westinghouse, Element and Seiki TV brands, all from Asian-manufacturer Tong Fang Global, will use CES 2017 to unveil the first 4K Ultra HDTVs to integrate Amazon’s Fire TV OS for smart TV streaming.

The arrangement makes Amazon the latest vendor of streaming adapters and set-top boxes to transfer its smart TV streaming services OS to an integrated TV solution, joining Roku and Google (Chromecast).

The Tong Fang brands are each introducing at the show four 4K UItra HD Fire TV models designed to simplify the ability to find and stream favorite movies, music, TV shows and video games from the internet.

The Westinghouse, Element and Seiki brands will each have 4K Ultra HD Fire TV lines with models in the 43, 50, 55 and 65 inch screen sizes. A spokesman for Westinghouse said that his brand plans to launch its models in the second quarter of 2017 at prices to be announced.

The sets can display and stream 4K Ultra HD content, although the first generation will not support high dynamic range (HDR) or a wide color gamut, according to a Westinghouse spokesperson.

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The Westinghouse models will include over-the-air ATSC tuners, and the Fire TV OS makes use of this capability to integrate live broadcast programing into the on-screen programming selection guide without the need to switch between sources.

Like the Fire TV set-top adapters, the Westinghouse Fire TVs will incorporate the Alexa Voice Remote that uses the Alexa Voice Service to control the process of searching for programs and movies, and apps and operating smart-home devices from more than 50 companies, including select Samsung and GE major appliances.

Like the Echo Dot and Echo speakers, that were among the hottest gifts over the recent holiday season, the platform will provide over “3,000 skills” activated by voice control and confirmed with Alexa voice responses. Users will also be able to use voice commands to make online purchases from Amazon, in addition to other tasks like placing an Uber pickup or ordering a Domino’s pizza.

Voice remote with Alexa supports smart home devices from multiple brands, including Belkin WeMo, Philips Hue, Wink, Insteon, Samsung SmartThings, Nest, TP-Link, Ecobee and more.

Other possible skills include asking questions from Wikipedia, scheduling and checking calendar appointments, and making shopping lists among other things.

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As with other Fire TV devices, the Westinghouse, Element and Seiki Fire TVs will provide access to more than 250,000 movies and TV programs, using voice commands or conventional button commands on the remote. Top available streaming services include: Amazon Video, Netflix, HBO GO, Showtime Anytime, Sling TV, and others.

Westinghouse models are all Netflix-certified, making it quick and easy to find the Netflix app and stream content with just a few button presses.

Amazon is said to be working on more advanced Alexa functionality for TVs, including control of third party apps and scene-by-scene navigation of viewed content.

As for 4K Ultra HD streaming, the Fire TVs have access to 3840 x 2160p content from: Netflix and Amazon.

All of the Fire TVs from Tong Fang’s brands will include 3 GB of built in RAM; 16 GB built-in storage; built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, four HDMI 2.0 inputs supporting 60Hz 4K video and HDCP 2.2, Ethernet port, and two USB inputs including one supporting USB 3.0.

By Greg Tarr


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