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HDGuru is your one source for simple information about High Definition Television. As the website grows we will be adding useful features including:

News, valuable test data, links to other articles, reviews and reports written by the HD Guru

Product Reviews

Short concise product reviews on the latest equipment with a four step rating system

♥ Product has a flaw that’s serious, “Don’t Buy It”

♥♥ Product is just satisfactory, proceed to buy with caution

♥♥♥ Product is good, The HD Guru recommends it

♥♥♥♥ Product is exceptional, a best value in class the HD Guru says “Buy It”

High Definition Disc Reviews
The HD Guru rates HD DVD and Blu-ray discs on overall image quality, considering transfer quality, color accuracy and freedom from a dirt on the print. There are many fine websites that will review the content. Come to the HD Guru to decide whether it’s worthwhile to pay the extra bucks for the high def version of a movie you have decided to purchase.


What size HDTV screen should you buy? What’s the ideal viewing distance for 720p and 1080i/p displays? The HD Guru will have a its exclusive copyrighted viewing distance chart to help you pick the right size HDTV display.

More to Come

Exclusive tests, sneak product previews, new developments and much more. As the HD Guru website expands , you will see unique content and information you wouldn’t see anywhere else.


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  • Ellen

    I have a 42 inch LG 20 (1080)and I just had Dish Network hook up the HD box. I am not receiving any full screen pictures in the HD. The TV is set at 16:9 ratio and the HD box is at HD normal. I have black bars on both the top and bottom of the screen and the picture looks stretched. Any ideas?

  • GRich

    I currently have a Sony SXRD set, but i want to purchase a new Panasonic 1080p plasma set, but im worried about “Burn in” bcuz i play video games alot. Is “burn in” still an issue with plasma sets
    Also is the “Response time” of the new panny plasmas higher than the 2.5 respone time of the Sony SXRD sets?

    I have not seen classic “burn in ” on the new Panasonics , but I supposed it is possible if you leave the game frozen on a score for days at maximum contrast (+30 picture) . I have had reports of short term image retention caused by each pixel holding a charge after changing the image, seen as a ghost image of theescore This will automatically fade by simply turning off the display.


    According to all the gamers I speak with, when it comes to action games , plasmas picture kill LCD. I simply recommend a low contrast mode like movie and cineqm and lowering the contrast control to where you stil have a bright enough image for playin g, this should be less than half of the picture controls maximum setting

    The HD Guru

  • rob

    i installed a pioneer elite 61″ plasma running component through a elite 35tx receiver and then to the panel. I am getting blue rectangluar sparkles in the right third of the screen from top to bottom of the screen. Can you tell me what might be the issue here? is it noise induced by the receiver as it passes through or could it be an improperly terminated cable, which was mini-rgb under carpet running about 20 ft…but that seems unlikely since its in the right 1/3 only and not ascross the entire panel. look forward to hearing your opinion.

    Insuffiecent data for an answer. Could either be the display, the receiver, source or the cable. You need to test by running another cable direct from the source to the same input on the  display and see if the problem is eliminated. If yes, then its is either the cable or the surround receiver and you need to repeat with the new cable and the  surround receiver in the signal path . The process of elimination is how to determine where a  problem like this resides.

    The HD Guru 

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