HDGuru is your one source for simple information about High Definition Television. As the website grows we will be adding useful features including:

News, valuable test data, links to other articles, reviews and reports written by the HD Guru

Product Reviews

Short concise product reviews on the latest equipment with a four step rating system

♥ Product has a flaw that’s serious, “Don’t Buy It”

♥♥ Product is just satisfactory, proceed to buy with caution

♥♥♥ Product is good, The HD Guru recommends it

♥♥♥♥ Product is exceptional, a best value in class the HD Guru says “Buy It”

High Definition Disc Reviews
The HD Guru rates HD DVD and Blu-ray discs on overall image quality, considering transfer quality, color accuracy and freedom from a dirt on the print. There are many fine websites that will review the content. Come to the HD Guru to decide whether it’s worthwhile to pay the extra bucks for the high def version of a movie you have decided to purchase.


What size HDTV screen should you buy? What’s the ideal viewing distance for 720p and 1080i/p displays? The HD Guru will have a its exclusive copyrighted viewing distance chart to help you pick the right size HDTV display.

More to Come

Exclusive tests, sneak product previews, new developments and much more. As the HD Guru website expands , you will see unique content and information you wouldn’t see anywhere else.