(June 28, 2010) Vizio introduced the remainder of its 2010 HDTV models at the CEA line show in New York City last week. Included within its thirteen new models are three “Full HD 3D” TVs.

All Vizio 3D TVs feature 480Hz (240 Hz refresh plus scanning back lighting). Vizio calls it 480Hz SPS. The 42″ model has edge lit LED local dimming while the 47″ and 55″ are LED backlit with 120 zones of LED dimming.  Vizio did not announce pricing, though Vizio executive Ken Lowe said the company does not like to offer products above $2000 street price. Its 3D TVs arrive in Q4 2010 through its Vizio’s dealer network which includes Wal-Mart, Target and warehouse clubs i.

All 3D sets offer Internet apps (via Wi-Fi wireless connection), Bluetooth audio, 5 HDMI inputs, SRS Audio “Studio Sound HD” and a QWERTY keyboard remote (though no Internet browser). Unlike the 3D models shown at the January CES show, the preproduction demo model uses conventional infra-red sync for the 3D glasses. Vizio dropped the 72″ 3D model shown at CES from the line.

The new TruLED HDTV (2D) local dimming models offer 240 Hz SPS (120 Hz with scanning backlight) in the 55″, 47″ and 42″ screen sizes. They ship in July 2010. There are120 zones of local dimming in the 55″ model, 160 zones in the 47″ and 128 zones in the 42″. The chart below lists the main features of the entire new line.

Lowe demonstrated how quickly consumers’ initialize Vizio’s VIA internet apps after removing a new TV from the box. They are the only company to date (we are aware of) that claims all firmware updates are performed automatically when the set is turned off. This eliminates the time consuming and bothersome task for purchasers to constantly check to confirm they have the most up-to-date firmware which assures top performance and optimized functionality.

Vizio also showed a prototype of its proposed 65″ 3D LED LCD that uses passive 3D glasses. Lowe said the passive 3D model will ship in the first quarter of 2011 at a price to be announced at a future date. Like all other passive 3D models, the 65″ provides a half of “Full HD” resolution of 1920 x 540 per eye. We stood around 12 feet from the display to avoid distraction by the 540 line structure.

Listed below are the model numbers, main features, screen sizes, pricing and availability for the upcoming 2010 models.

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