Value-oriented TV maker Vizio just announced availability of its 2014 E Series sets. Plenty of SKUs here, with screen sizes ranging from 23 inches all the way up to 70 inches. Oddly, MSRP pricing on the release we received doesn’t jibe with some prices currently listed on Vizio’s website, but whatevs.

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Here’s the info that you need to know. Sets with an “i” in their model number (e.g., E550i-B2) feature Vizio Internet Apps Plus along with built-in Wi-Fi. Models 28 inches and up have a full-array LED backlight, with the number of active LED zones ranging from 6 on the 39- to 48-inch models, to 16 on the 60-incher. Will such a limited number of active LED zones be sufficient to prevent backlight blooming on movie credits, etc.? Let’s hope so. The Reference Series TVs the company showed at CES had a full-array backlight with 384 zones, so those fussy about picture quality may want to hold out for those instead (if they ever arrive).

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Models listed below with 39-inch and larger screens are said by Vizio to have an “Effective Refresh Rate” of 120 Hz, while models 48 inches and larger feature “Clear Action 180” image processing. Does that 180 number indicate that the E Series uses native 60 Hz panels? Hard to say until we get one in to test. Clear Action 180 also apparently helps to minimize retina burn. Glad to hear that—we hate it when our retinas ignite.

Vizio also plans to ship E Series sets in 65- and 70-inch screen sizes, though pricing and availability for those models is still TBD. The E Series can be found at Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Sam’s Club, Target and Walmart.

E Series (23- to 28-inch)

E231-B1 (23-inch): $159.99

E231i-B1 (23-inch): $179.99

E241-B1 (24-inch): $179.99

E241i-B1 (24-inch): $199.99

E280-B1 (28-inch): $199.99

E280i-B1 (28-inch): $229.99

E Series (32-inch)

E320-B0 (32-inch): $239.99

E320-B1 (32-inch): $239.99

E320-B2 (32-inch): $239.99

E320i-B0 (32-inch): $269.99

E320i-B1 (32-inch): $269.99

E320i-B2 (32-inch): $269.99

E320Fi-B2 (32-inch): $299.99

E Series (39- to 48-inch)

6 Active LED Zones

E390 (39-inch): $329.99

E390i (39-inch): $369.99

E400i-B2 (40-inch): $399.99

E420i-B0 (42-inch): $429.99

E480-B2 (48-inch): $499.99

E480i-B2 (48-inch): $569.99

E Series (50- to 60-inch)

16 active LED zones (12 on the 55-inch model)

E500i-B1 (50-inch): $599.99

E550i-B2 (55-inch): $699.99

E600i-B3 (60-inch): $899.99


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