Owners of Vizio 2016 P- and M-series 4K Ultra HD “entertainment displays” who might have been experiencing problems with the recent firmware update that delivered compatibility with the HDR 10 high dynamic range format, will be pleased to know that the company has released a firmware update to its firmware update.

Vizio said Wednesday that the latest update will be rolling out to SmartCast Series (P- and M- series) displays. These models lack built-in over-the-air tuners and therefore do not qualify to be called television sets or TVs.

Read more on Vizio’s firmware update for 2016 P- and M-series “entertainment displays” after the jump:

According to a company spokesperson, “there are a number of improvements, including big improvements in HDR 10 picture quality (improved brightness and fixes to issues with incorrect metadata from content) for M and P Series.”

Vizio said firmware update v2.2.7.4 will roll out gradually to consumer samples and can be downloaded from the Vizio support site. https://support.vizio.com/s/

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HD Guru recently tried to re-test the Vizio P50-C1 for HDR 10, following the first firmware update. We first reviewed the set in May, before the first HDR 10 update was delivered.

On our second attempt, following installation of the initial update release, we couldn’t get the set to deliver the new benefits with content we tested (The Revenant) using the Samsung UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player or streamed from Smart Cast apps, and found that even some of the Dolby Vision content we tested from Dolby-supplied sample clips on a USB drive was playing back sporadically. Hopefully the latest firmware update fixes these and other issues. It’s unlikely we will test the display a third time, so caveat emptor.

Vizio said that among the highlighted changes in the firmware update are the following:

  • “Big improvements on HDR 10 picture quality.”
  • A fix for a ‘green tint’ issue on Playstation 4 when set to ‘Deep Color’.
  • A fix for a pairing issue with iPhone 7
  • A fix for instances of stuttering or frame drops with some cable channels
  • A sharpness setting fix (doesn’t revert)
  • Clean Action scanning improvements for 60Hz content
  • 40 IRE adjustment fixed in Calibrated Dark
  • Fixes for audio return channel (ARC) dropped audio for certain receivers
  • Improvements to waking the display when casting
  • Fixes for freezing seen in Hulu app
  • Improvements in (out of box experience) and pairing during setup
  • General stability and PQ improvements across the system.

By Greg Tarr


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