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Recently Vizio put up a special bulletin on its website stating a number of its  2012 60-inch E601i-A3 and 70-inch E701i-A3 HDTVs may lose the picture (but maintain audio) due to a bad “chip assembly”. Vizio did not disclose the number of TVs affected. Fortunately, unlike its problem in 2011 when owners reported Vizio HDTVs smoking or catching on fire, this is NOT a safety issue, the affected TVs will simply go black.

Vizio is offering a warranty part replacement on all the units with the bad chip assembly. Vizio will replace a recalled TV that has already lost its picture with a new unit (not a refurbished one as they customarily do) according to its customer service representative. Vizio HDTVs are sold by Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, Costco, BJs and Sam’s Club. All the recall details appear after the break.

Our research indicates the Vizios with the bad chip assembly were made and offered for sale in the 4th quarter of 2012. We checked our local Costco and verified all the E601i-A3 and E701i-A3 now being sold are new production, past the serial numbers of the recalled models.

HD Guru recommends to all readers with one of these HDTVs that fall under the serial numbers below to call the Vizio customer service phone number now. Don’t wait to see if the screen goes black as there is no way to tell if the affected chip assembly will become back ordered in the future.

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Vizio is also extending the warranty on affected TVs (within the listed serial numbers) from one to two years for this issue. Below is a verbatim copy of its “Special Bulletin”. It is on their website here.

“A limited number of VIZIO’s E-Series 60” and 70” LED Smart TVs (model numbers E601i-A3 and E701i-A3) may experience a loss of video due to premature failure of a chip assembly sourced from a supplier.  VIZIO is working with its suppliers, retailers and consumers to resolve the issue as quickly as possible for affected users.  As part of its continued dedication to customer satisfaction, VIZIO is proactively communicating with its customers through direct contact with registered owners, through VIZIO’s retailers and through online and social media about the potential issue, what to look for, and how to reach VIZIO’s dedicated support team to receive help.


What is the Nature of the Issue and Affected Range of Products?

In a small percentage of units with serial numbers in the ranges of LFTRNWAN3800001 to LFTRNWAN4805300 for Model E601i-A3 and LFTRNXAN4500001 – LFTRNXAN4702936 for Model E701i-A3, users may experience a loss of video on the display although audio can still be heard.  This issue is attributed to a limited batch of chip assemblies from a supplier, in which there is a small percentage chance that the chip assembly prematurely fails; this causes the timing control board to be disabled, which disrupts the video signal to the display.  This potential issue appears to occur typically around the first 500 hours of usage or first few months of normal usage and does not present a safety concern.

What is VIZIO’s Response to Action?

VIZIO has promptly notified its customers of the possible issue so that affected users can have their units repaired or replaced free of charge.  In addition, VIZIO is also extending its standard one-year limited warranty to two years from the date of purchase for this specific issue to ensure that customers who purchased the E601i-A3 or E701i-A3 can continue to enjoy their TV with full peace of mind.

What Should VIZIO Customers do?

If you have a VIZIO E-Series 60” or 70” TV with a serial number that falls within the ranges of LFTRNWAN3800001 to LFTRNWAN4805300 for Model E601i-A3 and LFTRNXAN4500001 – LFTRNXAN4702936 for Model E701i-A3 and experience a loss of video, please call VIZIO’s Customer Care team toll free at 855-209-4106 or email them at: [email protected] to directly reach our dedicated service team who will assist in resolving your issue as quickly as possible.

VIZIO’s Commitment

Since its founding more than a decade ago, VIZIO has taken pride in its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.  Standing behind that commitment, VIZIO is taking prudent measures to reach customers to inform them of this situation and provide expedited support for affected users.  With its all-U.S. based award-winning support team, VIZIO remains committed to taking care of its customers.”



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