Vizio, the number two selling brand of LCD in North America, announced today a retail price drop of $20 to $100 for its line of 19-inch to 55-inch HDTVs citing “sufficient” inventories, according to an article published this morning by Twice.

As we reported here and here, some Vizio customers have been told that their defective 13.5-24 month old televisions are “un-repairable.” Vizio claims its sets are repairable and that miscommunications between customer service reps and set owners caused the problem. However, Vizio’s parts pricing policy often makes the repair cost greater than the replacement cost—even of sets that fail within a week of warranty expiration.

Even within the warranty period Vizio often opts to ship customers used, refurbished TVs Vizio calls “recertified,” rather than repairing them.


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Key price reductions include the following models:

E190VA – was $178 now $158;
E220VA – was $228 now $198;
E260VA -was  $298 now $278;
E3D320VX – was $498 now $468;
E321VL-was $318 now $298;
E371VL-was $448 now $428;
E421VO-was $498 now $478;
E3D420VX – was $698 now  $648;
M421NV– was $698 now $648;
M420SV – was $748 now $698;
470VLE – was $648 now $598;
E470VL – was $748 now $698;
E3D470VX-was $898 now $848;
E552VL – was $1,098 now $998


To date Vizio has made no changes to its warranty or post warranty parts and labor programs. To learn more about these issues check out our article here.




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