Vizio’s 2009 line up of consists of 31 LCD flat panels. Highlights include a LED backlight 55″ model with 120 Hz frame rate and scanning backlight Vizio calls 240Hz SPS (scenes per second), thin depth 32″ and 37″ HDTV and select screens with genuine simulated wood finish bezels Vizio calls “Java”.

Vizio will present its 2009 products to the press in two weeks, though a number of its HDTVs are now arriving at its dealers. Below is a breakdown of models lines with pricing and availability, listed within three series, followed by Vizio’s press release.

XVT Series

Model                     Size Res. Hz  HDMI Avail Price

SV320XVTI Thin Line 32″ 1080P 120Hz 3 Sept. $749.99
SV370XVTI Thin Line 37″ 1080p 120Hz 3 Sept. $849.99
SV421XVT                42″ 1080p 240Hz 4 July  $1199.99
SV471XVT                47″ 1080p 240Hz 4 July  $1499.99
VF550XVT                55″ 1080p 120Hz 5 Now   $1999.99
VF551XVT LED         55″ 1080p 240Hz 5 Sept. $2199.99

M Series

VA22LF              22″ 1080p 60Hz  2 Now    $349.99
VX240M              24″ 1080p 60Hz  2 July   $349.99
VL260 Java Frame    26″ 1080p 60Hz  2 June   $479.99
VL320M Java Frame   32″ 1080p 60Hz  3 June   $649.99
VA320M              32″ 1080p 60Hz  4 June   $649.99
VOJ320F             32″ 1080p 60Hz  2 Now    $599.99
VO37LF              37″ 1080p 60Hz  3 Now    $729.99
VO370M              37″ 1080p 60Hz  3 Now    $799.99
VL370M Java Frame   37″ 1080p 60Hz  3 July   $799.99
VL420M Java Frame   42″ 1080p 60Hz  4 July   $899.99
VA370M              37″ 1080p 60Hz  3 Sept.  $799.99
VT420M Java Frame   42″ 1080p 120Hz 4 July   $999.99
VT470M Java Frame   47″ 1080p 120Hz 4 July   $1299.99
SV420M              42″ 1080p 120Hz 4 June   $999.99
SV470M              47″ 1080p 120Hz 4 Now    $1299.99
VL470M Java Frame   47″ 1080p 120Hz 4 July   $1299.99
VF550M              55″ 1080p 120Hz 5 July   $1799.99

E Series

VA19L               19″ 720p  60Hz  2 Now    $249.99
VX200E             20″ 720p  60Hz  2 July   $299.99
VA220E             22″ 720p  60Hz  2 Now    $399.99
VA26L               26″ 720p  60Hz  2 Now    $449.99
VECO320L         32″ 720p  60Hz  2 Now    $499.99
VA320E             32″ 720p  60Hz  3 Now    $499.99
VO320E             32″ 720p  60Hz  2 Now    $499.99
VO420E             42″ 1080p 60Hz  3 Now    $849.99

VIZIO America’s #1 HDTV Company Delivers NEW High Performance TV Collection
– Number One shipper of Flat Panel HDTVs in USA unveils wide range of high performance, high-value televisions

– Flagship Extreme VIZIO Technology, XVT Series advances television’s state of the
art with NEW TruLED and 240Hz SPS (scenes per second), and Thin Line 120Hz models. (New XVT Models are in 55 – 32” screen sizes)

– JAVA designer collection within the NEW “M” Series combines high style with Full HD 1080P resolution and 120Hz with Smooth Motion LCD HDTVs (New M Series Models are in 47 – 32” screen sizes)

– “E” Series provide energy efficient EcoHDâ„¢ (20% below Energy Star 3.0), essential performance and exceptional value in small to mid screen sizes (New E Series Models are in 42 – 19” sizes)

– All models are energy efficient, meeting and exceeding Energy Star 3.0 requirements

Irvine, CA – June 8, 2009 — VIZIO, America’s #1 HDTV and Consumer Electronics Company, has unveiled its 2009 TV product lineup, with 31 new models in three product groups. With a comprehensive range that includes cutting-edge Smart Dimming backlight TruLED LCD technology, high-style/high performance products, and the best everyday value HDTVs, VIZIO’s products are energy efficient, with each earning and exceeding Energy Star 3.0 qualification. Product releases are scheduled throughout the year, with numerous products now in-store and due to hit shelves soon.

“VIZIO’s 2009 line of LCD HDTVs advances our mission to deliver the most advanced video and audio technologies to our customers with unequalled value and style,” says Laynie Newsome, VIZIO Co-Founder and VP Sales and Marketing Communications.
“Our customers have come to expect superior performance and design from VIZIO, and this new line has unprecedented value in every screen size.”

Superior Performance Video & Audio

This year’s Extreme VIZIO Technology XVT series again advances VIZIO performance with a Full HD 1080p lineup featuring both 120Hz with Thin Line stylish designs and 240Hz SPS models using Smooth Motion™ technology, with the most sophisticated models incorporating TruLED and Smart Dimming backlight technology. In all models, VIZIO has integrated USB video inputs that are enhanced and offer high quality 1080p video playback, along with Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio™ of up to 2,000,000:1 makes for incredible black levels and almost three-dimensional imagery, they also include advanced user interface control with picture in picture and picture on picture functionality. VIZIO XVT models all include a universal learning backlit remote control.
All models have superior audio, thanks to SRS Labs Technology with TruSurround HD, which enhances clarity and produces surround sound without external speakers, and TruVolume, which eliminates annoying volume fluctuations when switching channels or when commercials come on and off.

Full HD in New Colors and Styles

VIZIO’s designer lines combine 1080p Full HD performance with distinctive looking designs such as the VL series brushed JAVAâ„¢ color treatment, and VT series TVs that resemble luxurious wood picture frames to bring a stylish touch to consumers’ viewing environments. Select models feature a 120Hz refresh rate with Smooth Motion technology, as well as VIZIO’s new USB Multi-Media Feature that can display MPEG-2, H.264 and WMV9 video, JPEG photos, and MP3 music from a thumb drive or FAT32 hard drive. Many models have VIZIO’s new “Pause Live TV” feature, which allows viewers to pause their programs without the need for a separate cable or satellite box.
VIZIO’s Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio™ of up to 50,000:1 increases contrast ratio and picture quality, providing incredibly deep blacks. Each model also has multiple HDMI inputs and many include a side panel HDMI Game or Camera Input Port.

HDTV Value in Every Size

With screen sizes ranging from 19” to 32”, VIZIO’s “E” series HDTVs provide incredible value in small to midsized packages with stylish white or black piano colored bezels.
Many of these sets offer Full HD 1080p performance, and all utilize SRS Labs’ Tru Surround technology to provide superior audio. Some models feature VIZIO’s EcoHD™ technology, which lowers energy consumption as much as 20% below Energy Star 3.0 standards.

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