Vizio Adds New HDTV Models for the Holiday Season

October 2nd, 2012 · 3 Comments · 3D HDTV, Connected TVs, LED LCD Flat Panels, News


Vizio announced today five new large-screen HDTVs with screen sizes from 55 to 70 inches.  All feature “Smart” Internet movie and TV program streaming from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, and Hulu Plus in addition to Vizio Apps, YouTube , Pandora and Twitter.

The list and other information after the break.

The entry level “Smart TV” E series are available in the 60 and 70 inch screen sizes, retailing for $999.99 and $1999.99 respectively.  If industry rumors are true, the 60-inch is expected to be a Black Friday model with a sale price of $600 to $700, so we recommend holding off purchase until then. The press release adds “VIZIO’s 60″ (E601i) is a Smart TV with the thin LED design that consumers prefer, at a price that would have only bought you a 42″ CCFL TV in October 2009,” said Tamaryn Pratt, Principal, Quixel Research. “VIZIO has been able to drive the price down for consumers, allowing them to enjoy the latest features and a slim design on a larger screen, at a great value. With a 60″ TV offering more than twice the screen viewing area of a 42″ TV, now is the perfect time for consumers to trade up.”

The LED edge-lit LCD “E” series offers 120 Hz refresh, four HDMI inputs, Wi-Fi and a 1.94-inch depth (60-inch model). No specifications were provided for the 70-inch version.

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The “M” series adds a new 55-inch and two 65-inch models. The 55-inch models is an edge lit LED and claims to be a “120 Hz SPS” refresh rate, however the owner’s manual states there is no control for the 120 Hz circuit, making us leery if it really is a 120 Hz refresh or just a 60 Hz HDTV with a scanning LED backlight. A call to Vizio customer service did not provide an answer. If and when we get an answer we will update this post. The 65-inchers are true 120 Hz refresh rate TVs with the control (according to the owner’s manual).  The 2D model, is the M650VSE 65-Inch Class LED Smart TV 1080p Full HD and sells for $1499.99. The M3D651SV is a passive 3D version and sells for $1699.99.
Vizio also announced  its 58-inch 21:9 Cinemawide TV model XVT3D580CM is now available at retail and Amazon in addition to Vizio’s website for $1999 down from $2499.


New Model numbers and prices are as follows:

VIZIO 55″ Class Razor LED(TM) Smart TV (M550VSE) – $949.99
VIZIO 60″ Class Razor LED(TM) Smart TV E601i-A3  – $999.99
VIZIO 65″ Class Razor LED(TM) Smart TV M650VSE  – $1,499.99
VIZIO 65″ Class Razor LED(TM) Smart TV with Theater 3D M3D651SV – $1,699.99
VIZIO 70″ Class Razor LED(TM) Smart TV E701i-A3 – $1,999.99
VIZIO 58″ 21:9 Cinemawide Class LED Smart TV with Theater 3 D XVT3D580CM – $1,999


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  • Maliclipse

    Thanks for the note back HDG…

    Still, for a sub 1k TV its an excellent buy. Andrew Robinson at hometheaterreview did a synopsis where he thought very highly of the set. The picture quality/image quality is pretty good – puts my panasonic plasma that it replaced to shame.

    I was looking at your hisense post a day ago and seeing that 4k tv’s are around the corner – as well as OLED I think this set is a good set to hold me over for 2 years (the negotiated timeline with my wife). She said I could get an ES8000 or an Elite now but it would have to last me a minimum of 5 years. I think I made the safe bet because she’ll let me drop 3-5k on a set two years from now. :)

  • Maliclipse

    I picked up the E601i-A3 at costco and have been fairly impressed with it for 978$ I think the people at HDGURU should do a review.

    I checked earlier this week and there were none at my local Costco and BJs stores. BTW, our friend David K. at Cnet tested one and found its motion resolution performance the same as a 60Hz TV, even though Vizio rates it as a 120 Hz refresh rate.

    HD Guru

  • Odie

    Thanks for this info. Any news as to whether these new Vizio TVs will have updated VIA, finally with a web browser?

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