Anyone in the New York City area this weekend  who is interested in seeing what 12-bit, 4K Ultra HD video with HDR looks like in a home theater, might want to check out a first-of-its-kind demo on Saturday.

JVC’s new NX9 native 4K Ultra HD/HDR D-ILA video projector and Panasonic’s high-end 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player, model UB9000, will be brought together by JVC and Panasonic engineers for an exclusive showcase presented by Scarsdale, N.Y.-based A/V specialty retailer Value Electronics.

The demonstration will show how the projector and high-end 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player have been optimized to present high quality 4K UHD images with high dynamic range (HDR) using the unique tone mapping capabilities of each component for a wide range of material.

The NX9 offers an Auto Tone Mapping function, which automatically adjusts settings for the optimum HDR10 image. The HDR10 mastering information MaxCLL (Maximum Content Light Level) / MaxFALL (Maximum Frame Average Light Level) varies greatly depending on content. The best HDR10 experience results by setting the appropriate brightness levels for each movie. Auto Tone Mapping adjusts settings based on the mastering information.

Various HDR images with different brightness requirements are optimized without the need to make frequent manual adjustments.

A key feature in Panasonic’s DP-UB9000 Ultra HD Blu-ray player is the HDR Optimizer, which tone maps HDR10 content based on the metadata to match the capabilities of a display. To achieve optimum HDR image quality when the player is connected to a compatible JVC projector, users select one of two dedicated color profiles developed specifically for the Panasonic 4K Ultra HD player. The profiles work in conjunction with the player’s HDR Optimizer to deliver the best possible HDR images.

Several titles do not include MaxCLL and MaxFALL (HDR10 metadata). In those cases, the projectors’ dedicated color profile works with the Panasonic HDR Optimizer to deliver optimum HDR image quality.

The Panasonic DP-UB9000 uses the company’s second generation Hollywood Cinema Experience (HCX) video processor, which includes the HDR Optimizer. Users select their display type from a player menu of options (OLED, High Brightness Projector, Basic Brightness Projector, LCD, etc.) and the player tone maps the content for that display.

The companies said that pairing the player with a 2019 JVC native 4K D-ILA projector provides optimum HDR image quality by using one of the projector’s two DP-UB9000 color profiles. Using the JVC projectors’ Color Profile Settings, the user chooses either the “Pana_PQ_HL” (High Luminance Projector) or “Pana_PQ_BL” (Basic Luminance Projector) setting based on the corresponding HDR Display Type setting in the DP-UB9000. Which setting to choose depends on the user’s preference – the High Luminance Projector setting prioritizes image brightness; the Basic Luminance Projector setting prioritizes widest color gamut reproduction.

Opting to use both the JVC projectors’ dedicated Panasonic player color profiles and the 4K Ultra HD BD player’s HDR Optimizer results in a more realistic HDR image with more accurate gradation compared to what’s achieved using Auto Tone Mapping or HDR Optimizer alone.

For 2019 JVC D-ILA 4K projectors currently in use, the dedicated Panasonic DP-UB9000 color profiles will be available this month via a firmware upgrade, while projectors in production will be shipped with new version firmware.

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The live presentations are open to all and will run from 11am – 5pm on Saturday, March 23rd at Value Electronics, 35 Popham Rd. Scarsdale, NY. The Home Cinema demo event will start with a meet-and-greet that includes the press, industry experts, and representatives from JVC and Panasonic.

Robert Zohn, Value Electronics proprietor, said the demonstration is being set up to showcase how engineers have optimized the features and capabilities of both the projector and UHD Blu-ray player to present images in “true theater image quality” that is “representative of what the Hollywood colorists and graders see when they are finishing a film for theaters or Blu- ray mastering.”

JVC executives along and industry experts will present theater demonstration clips from the latest 4K HDR Blu-ray titles. Attendees will be able to evaluate the resulting performance using all of the HDR elements, HDR contrast range, color fidelity, color volume and EOTF.

Zohn said attendees will be able to evaluate the expanded color benefits of a full 12-bit 4K HDR image from the projection setup.

Zohn said he is bringing in professional calibrator Kris Deering, of, to calibrate the 4K HDR projector and explain his methodology for achieving the best possible SDR and HDR performance from the technology matched components.

During the day, video experts will offer presentations on the latest updates in home theater video, followed by the theater demonstration.

Interested parties are asked to register to attend by sending an email to [email protected].


By Greg Tarr


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