LG  just announced the future of television with the US introduction next month (Jan.) of its 55-inch class (54.6-inch diagonal) Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display. LG USA senior vice president James Fishler calls it “the ultimate display device” stating  “This next-generation display will further strengthen LG’s position as a true leader and trend-setter of the home entertainment industry. It is the TV of dreams.”

Designed to outperform every other TV technology, the upcoming 55EM9600’s OLED panel is self-illuminating and has the highest contrast ratio ever rated at 100,000,000 to 1.  OLEDs are supposed to be capable extinguishing all light output down to the pixel level which means the blackest black ever reproduced. In addition, the OLED panel has a rated response time of .1 microseconds (a microsecond is one-millionth of a second) providing images without any motion blur. The 55EM9600 is Full HD 1080p resolution display.

The 55EM9600 incorporates LG’s Film Patterned Retarder technology for 3D images using cheap, lightweight passive glasses. LG’s new Triple XD Engine handles signal processing.

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All of this packaged in a wafer thin design measuring just 4 millimeters (3/16th of an inch) deep. With such a svelte form factor the input board, power supply and signal processing need to be housed in separate box, an item LG would not comment on at this time. The 55″ OLED display weighs in at just 16.5 pounds making it ideal for wall mounting.

LG would not supply currently price or delivery aside from stating it is a 2012 product. Reports out of Korea say it will arrive in the 3rd quarter. Pricing has not been released. HD Guru predicts it will retail for $8,000 or more.

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