Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (UPHE) said Tuesday that it will release for home use globally a slate of films in 4K Ultra HD resolution with high dynamic range (HDR) both in Ultra HD Blu-ray format and as digital streaming and downloads, beginning this summer.

The studio said it plans to release a mix of new releases, including anticipated blockbusters: The Huntsman: Winter’s War, Warcraft and Jason Bourne as well as recent hits, such as Everest, Lucy, Lone Survivor, and others. UPHE said a selection of IMAX films will be included in the mix.

UPHE said all of its designated offerings will feature a combination of 4K resolution and HDR.

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The titles will be mastered in the optional Dolby Vision (HDR) format and playback solution, the studio said. All titles will also support the HDR-10 baseline HDR format, which is mandatory in Ultra HD Blu-ray players.

High dynamic range support is not mandatory for Ultra HD Blu-ray titles, however. UPHE said some of its releases will include an enhanced selection of new release and catalog titles mastered in Dolby Vision HDR format. Logically, the titles with Dolby Vision HDR will be offered in digital streaming or download format.

Currently, there are no Ultra HD Blu-ray players announced with support for Dolby Vision. Samsung’s UBD-K8500, which is currently the only Ultra HD Blu-ray player available in the market, supports playback of HDR-10 metadata only.

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“4K Ultra HD represents a giant leap forward in movie-watching,” stated Eddie Cunningham, UPHE president. “The format’s stunning resolution and peak luminance, combined with its deep bench of industry support, enables us to deliver to the consumer a truly differentiated viewing experience, one that has the capability to power the future of home entertainment. The advanced technology powering 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray in particular has created unquestionably the best, most pristine home viewing experience ever offered – one that will surely excite consumers and will remain unrivaled for years to come.”

UPHE’s statement called Dolby Vision “a solution which brings out ultra-vivid colors and more hues across a full range of brightness.”

Many titles will also include multi-dimensional sound tracks.

The studio said it expects the content industry to produce more than 100 4K Ultra HD titles by the end of 2016. Universal joins Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Lionsgate, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainments, and Warner Brothers Home Entertainment, which have all announced plans to support or have already started supplying 4K Ultra HD content in various digital formats.

By Greg Tarr


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