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Advanced Cloud TV is what they’re calling it, and it will be available on multiple media boxes/Blu-ray players, and a TV.

Oh, and they’re getting in on the 4K bandwagon.

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So what does Toshiba mean by “Cloud”? Well, it’s not for content. It’s for “easier content discovery and acquisition, including news content; better mobile device interactivity; built-in peer-to-peer wireless; practical social interaction features, server-based upgradability and more. Some of the key initial services include Family Calendar, Messaging, News, MediaShare and MediaGuide.” To me this sounds more like how Gmail/GoogleCalender work than a Cloud-based content service like Amazon Cloud Player or Apple iCloud. We’ll see how the MediaShare works before we judge (too harshly).

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Instead of calling them “Smart Blu-ray players,” Toshiba is calling them “Media Boxes with Blu-ray Disc player capability.” I guess that’s not wrong, but it really smacks you in the face with marketing, doesn’t it? The models with Cloud TV functionality are the BDX2400 (wired), the BDX3400 (wireless with Miracast, see below), BDX5400 (adds 3D), and the BDX6400 (adds “enhanced 1080p” and 4K upconversion). These will ship in March, and will have Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, CinemaNow, and a web browser.

“Miracast,” is the WiFi Alliance’s answer to Apple’s AirPlay. So in theory, you could put whatever’s on your phone up on the TV.

L9300 Series 4K TVs

Available in 58-, 65-, and 84-inch sizes, the 4K L9300 Series TVs are edge-lit, 240Hz LED LCDs, and have Toshiba’s “CEVO 4K Hex Core Processor.” It will have the Advanced Cloud TV functionality, like the media boxes.

There will be iOS, Android, and Win8 apps to aid in connectivity between the TV and the device.

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