With 3 Ultra HDTVs in screen sizes ranging from 54 to 84 inches already under its belt, Toshiba plans to up its UHDTV output in 2014 by releasing not one but two series of 4K-rez sets. Info on the new UHDTVs and the company’s forthcoming 55-inch and larger HDTVs plus Blu-ray players after the break.

L9400 Series UHDTVs

Toshiba’s top UHDTVs are the L9400 Series, which come in 58- and 65-inch screen sizes. These sets pack a new 10-bit “Radiance” LED-lit panel with a 240Hz refresh rate and employ Quantum Black Local Dimming (full-array) for extra-black blacks. Not to be outdone on the brightness end, the L9400 Series TVs have a SuperBright backlight that Toshiba says lets them deliver 2 times the light output of regular LED-lit LCDs.

Other features found in the L9400 Series include a “Cinema Quality” 4K Quad + Dual Core upscaling engine, four HDMI 2.0 inputs, H.265 (HEVC) decoding and a “Poster Frame” design with angled stand. Of course, it’s got all the Smart and streaming features that come as part of the company’s Cloud Portal (including Voice Control). Bluetooth is also onboard and the sets are Control4 Certified.

Toshiba also lumps an 84-inch model (84L9450) in with the L9400 Series, though that particular set lacks the Radiance panel and Poster Frame design of the 58- and 65-inch models.

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L8400 Series UHDTV

Toshiba’s next-best UHDTV is its L8400 Series set, which will arrive in a 58-inch screen size. This model has many of the same features found in the L9400 Series, but lacks the Radiance panel, full-array local dimming and Poster Frame design. Screen refresh is also stated as 120 Hz.

L7400 Series HDTV

Moving down the line to regular HD models, Toshiba’s top HDTV for 2014 is the 55-inch L7400 Series model. Like the L9400 Series sets, this one has a Radiance LED Panel with 240 Hz refresh, is SuperBright and offers full-array Quantum Black Local Dimming. Smart TV with Cloud Portal is also part of the package along with Control4 certification and RVU connectivity, which lets you stream DirecTV content and browse program guides over a home network (no receiver connection required).

L5400 Series HDTVs

The last Toshiba HDTVs we’ll discuss here are the L5400 Series sets, which comes in 58- and 65-inch screen sizes. These models have a 240 Hz refresh rate, “Cinema Quality” dual-core upscaling, and basic Smart TV features (no Cloud Portal or Voice Control).

Blu-ray Players

Toshiba also has two new Blu-ray players in store for 2014, the BDX5500 and BDX3300. The 5500 is a 3D model with 4K upscaling and Technicolor 4K Certification. Other features include an ePortal GUI with apps, built-in Wi-Fi and Miracast. The player’s design is also pretty rad, with a slot-loading front, touch controls and a console-style vertical placement option. With the 3300 you lose 4K upscaling and 3D, though it has the 5500’s Smart features and streaming capabilites plus a compact square design.
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