Panasonic TC-P50VT25We get asked all the time what the best 3D TVs on the market are. Well, here’s our list. Simple as that.

Please note, the best 3D TVs produce the best 2D images as well. Consider this list a list of the best 2010 HDTVs too.

Prices listed are from the manufacturer’s website.

1) Panasonic VT25 Series

The top-of-the-line VT25 series is a fantastic television that just happens to also do 3D. There’s a wide range of sizes (the bigger the better, of course). It’s capable of a 96Hz mode to playback 24fps material without 3:2 Pulldown (no judder) and is THX Certified. There are few TVs that perform better on the market right now, so even if you’re not into 3D, this is one to check out.

If you buy one of VT25 or GT25 series of 3D plasmas from Amazon, you can get Avatar on Blu-ray 3D and some other stuff free with purchase. Click here for more info.

TC-P65VT25: $3,670.01, The only Amazon retailer is charging $4,450.96, so we advise finding it at your local AV retailer instead.
TC-P58VT25: $2,860.00, Amazon: $ 2,495.00
TC-P54VT25: $2,500.01, Amazon: $1,999.98
TC-P50VT25: $2,139.99, Amazon: $1,749.98

2) Panasonic GT25 Series

Not a huge difference between the GT25 and the VT25. The GT25 doesn’t have the 96Hz mode, but it does have Faux-3D processing to turn 2D content into a pseudo-3D. The VT25 doesn’t have this. Sizes are generally smaller, with only a 50-inch in each line. the GT25s are also THX Certified.

TC-P50GT25: $1,790.00, Amazon: $1,399.99
TC-46PGT24: $1,799.95 (yep, $9.95 more, its a warehouse club derivative model)
TC-P42GT25: $1,430.00, Amazon: $1,099.99

Samsung PN50C80003) Samsung 8000 Series Plasma

Though most think of LCD when they think of Samsung, they also make some excellent plasma TVs as well. Great with 3D, plus you get Samsung Apps, one of the best streaming content interfaces going.

PN63C8000: $3,799.99, Amazon: $3,197.00
PN58C8000: $2,999.99, Amazon: $2,399.98
PN50C8000: $2,299.99, Amazon: $1,649.98

LG PX950 Series plasma4) LG PX950 Series

The slick looking PX950 plasmas from LG are but two models in a wave of LCDs from LG. They’re THX certified (like the VT25 and GT25 from Panasonic) and ISFccc ready. They’re also a great deal, with both models coming in much less than similar sizes from Panasonic and Samsung.

60PX950: $2,599, Amazon: $1,749.99
50PX950: $1,799, Amazon: $1,299.99

Sony XBR HX9095) Sony XBR HX909

After an initial shaky start with their 3D LCDs, Sony’s HX909 is impressive enough to earn the distinction of being the only LCD in this lineup. The HX909 is a 240Hz and has a full-array local dimming LED backlight. One note, you must use the no cost TDG-BR100 extra polarizer adapter for its 3D glasses for the best 3D image.

XBR-52HX909: $3,999.99, Amazon: $3,568.00
XBR-46HX909: $3,499.99, Amazon: $3,149.98

The Runners Up
Just outside of our Top 5 are 3D LCDs from Toshiba and Sharp

46WX800U: $2,599.99, Amazon: $1,291.99
55WX800U: $3,299.99, Amazon: $1,599.99

: $5,299.99, Amazon: $2,799.00
LC-52LE925UN: $4,199.99, Amazon: $2,199.00

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