TiVo officially introduced through a blog posting Tuesday its new TiVo Edge DVRs available in two versions — one optimized for cable users and one for over-the-air (OTA) cord-cutters — called “the Edge for cable and the Edge for antenna,” respectively.

As we reported back in June, the TiVo Edge integrates live TV recording with over-the-top streaming. The company said the DVRs will provide access to apps for Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, YouTube, and others, and will have the ability to tune in networks including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX. The cable version will be able to access cable channels through a CableCARD slot to unlock encrypted service. The TiVo Edge for antenna will be able to access free broadcast stations in the clear when connected to a suitable antenna for the viewing region.

TiVo said it is enhancing the user experience in the DVRs by integrating all of the disparate viewing options into “one easy-to-discover interface.”

In addition, TiVo Edge DVRs will have access to the company’s forthcoming new free ad-supported TiVo+ content streaming service, that executives recently revealed. The DVR company had previously said it also plans to place commercials prior to recorded programs, although these are expected to be skippable or advanceable.

The TiVo Edge models will support 4K Ultra HD content via streaming and cable sources along with high dynamic range (HDR) including the premium Dolby Vision profile.

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In addition to accessing and recording programming from broadcast and cable sources the TiVo Edge models will access content from OTT streaming services, including TiVo’s new TiVo+ ad-supported TV service previously reported here. TiVo has also said it plans to soon use ad insertions before recorded programs but these are expected to be skippable like other “eligible” recorded content.

Connections on the new units include an HDMI out, two USB ports, an Ethernet port and digital optical jack.

Both Edge models also include TiVo’s OnePass feature for binge-watching. This will line up every available episode of a TV series from live TV, Hulu, Netflix, on-demand, or other sources, and present them in one location for fast uninterrupted access from episode to episode, the company said.

TiVo said users will be able to “AutoSkip eligible commercials,” use the “skip” button or say the spoken command to “skip it” to jump over “entire eligible commercial breaks. “

The company added: “And you can skip any ads before the show recording with the SKIP button feature as well.”

In addition to supporting Dolby Vision HDR for the appropriate metadata–enabled content, TiVo Edge is also supporting Dolby Atmos 3D surround sound for supported content.

Both models offer one-screen navigation between apps, live and online TV, and recordings. Both also support universal search.

The two TiVo Edge versions can be purchased now from the TiVo website.

The TiVo Edge for cable ($399.99 suggested retail) provides a 2 TB hard drive for up to 300 HD hours of recordings and six tuners.

The TiVo Edge for antenna ($349.99 suggested retail) will help cord cutters find and record hundreds of free over-the-air HD show with the option to skip eligible commercials automatically. The OTA version of TiVo Edge has a 2 TB hard drive for up to 300 hours of HD recording and four tuners.

The recording guide service fee for the TiVo Edge for antenna will run $6.99 per month, $70 annually or $250 for a one-time All-In-Plan. Service fees for the TiVo Edge for cable will run $14.99 a month, $150 a year or $550 for a one-time All-In-Plan.

By Greg Tarr

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