TiVo introduced an new version of the TiVo Bolt set-top box, called the TiVo BOLT OTA for use with connected over-the-air antennas.

The TiVo BOLT OTA is a premium, 4K Ultra High Definition capable DVR/media player intended for use with over-the-air broadcast TV antennas and OTT services. Missing from other more expensive BOLT versions is the CableCARD access for use with cable services.

The BOLT OTA is equipped with pretty much the same on-screen channel guide that looks and and interacts with users like a high-end cable or satellite TV box.

The company had previously sold a less-expensive OTA DVR for cord cutters called the Roamio OTA, but the new BOLT OTA brings a more advanced box for a complete cord-cutting experience, including OTA ,VOX voice control remote and Alexa integration.

TiVo BOLT OTA combines the TiVo DVR experience with online streaming services. BOLT OTA works with almost any HD antenna and television to help users find and record or program to record local TV programming, national news, sports and entertainment in HD using an antenna (sold separately).

TiVo said its offering will also avoid much of the cost associated with renting similarly equipped cable or satellite DVRs. The TiVo BOLT OTA is priced at a $249.99 suggested retail and has a monthly service fee of $6.99 or annual fee of $69.99 for continually delivered program guide data used in the on-screen guide. TiVo BOLT OTA will be available beginning Friday.

Only one TiVo BOLT OTA box is required along with a connection to a separately sold OTA antenna and a Wi-Fi connection to a home Internet network. The BOLT OTA is sold with TiVo’s popular remote with integrated voice control.

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According to research conducted by TiVo, “cord cutter intenders, people who are thinking about cutting the pay-TV cord for budgetary reasons, are estimated to represent 25 percent of the general pay-TV viewing population.”

BOLT OTA provides a way for consumers to reduce their home entertainment budget and still hold on to important channels and programs.

TiVo said BOLT OTA allows supplementing OTA streaming entertainment apps with live TV from the major broadcast stations in a user’s area, in addition to having access to live local news, weather and sports, all at reduced cost compared to typical pay-TV services.

Among the features in TiVo BOLT OTA are:

  • The ability to record and watch free, over-the-air HD TV on their schedule.
  • TiVo’s DVR with four tuners enabling users to watch and/or record multiple programs at one time, to avoid conflicts.
  • The BOLT OTA stores up to 150 hours of HD programming at a time.
  • SkipMode allows skipping over entire commercial breaks on recorded programs with a single button press.
  • Voice control can be used to quickly find programs through the TiVo VOX Remote.

TiVo BOLT OTA also accesses OTT content including apps for such popular services as: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

TiVo will search across live TV, recordings and popular streaming services to deliver personalized results.

The TiVo platform allows users can stream and download shows to mobile devices, watch their favorite content on-the-go, or schedule recordings almost anywhere with the free TiVo app or add a TiVo Mini for a multi-room, whole-home TV solution.


By Greg Tarr


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