Some of the best TV values this year can be found in Hisense’s H8C family of 4K Ultra HD LED LCD TVs, but with a little extra work, you can get an even better deal via Amazon Direct.

First, let us remind you that the Hisense H8C 4K UHD LED LCD TV series offers support for high dynamic range (HDR), along with a built-in Opera TV operating system carrying apps for a wide range of streaming Full HD and 4K Ultra video services. Better yet, the prices are remarkably low for what you get and Hisense even sweetens the pot by throwing in an industry leading four-year warranty.

The series comes in 50- and 55-inch versions, but pricing on Amazon Direct recently have appeared higher than the set’s originally promoted retails. That doesn’t mean you are out of luck for your holiday shopping. The secret to getting a better deal is to rely on Amazon’s price matching policy. As this was posted you might find the 50H8C listed by Amazon Martket Place partners for lower than the Amazon Direct price. But the 55-inch 55H8C is a little trickier.

Read how to get your TV Price Match credit after the jump:

The 55H8C is currently listed by Amazon Direct at $548, but retailer Brands Mart has it for $498. The problem is, unless you are picking it up at a Brands Mart store, you will have to pay for shipping. But because Brands Mart is a retailer listed by Amazon as a low-price competitive retail chain, you can get the same $498 deal by first ordering the TV on Amazon at $548 and then calling in to claim the price match difference.

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Here’s how it’s done: 1) Click on the Amazon banner ad at the top of the HD page and search for the Hisense 55H8C or click the link here and purchase the TV from Amazon;

2) find the “help” link at the top or bottom of the Amazon page

3) then scroll down to “Browse Help Topics” and click “Other Topics and Help Sites”

4) click “Pricing”

5) click “About Price Matching”

6) click “About the TV Low Price Guarantee”

7)  click “Contact Us”;

8)  click “Prime or Something Else”;

9)  go down to “Tell Us More About Your Issue” and select “Placing an order” from the drop-down box;

10) then select “Other Questions About Placing An Order” from the second drop-down box

11) type in “Price Match Issue”

12) Go down to “How Would You Like To Contact Us?” and select e-mail, phone or chat.

13) Tell the representative that you found a lower price of $498.88 for the 55H8C at Brands Mart, SKU: “55HC,” and that you would like the difference credited back on the purchase you just made through Amazon.

Voila. Amazon will refund the difference and as an Amazon Prime member you won’t incur the shipping Brands Mart shipping charges. Happy Holidays!


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