THX formally announced Monday that TCL will be the first manufacturer to offer televisions supporting its new THX Game Mode Certification in new 6 Series models due to hit stores soon.

THX, which now offers audio and video certification and consultation services in addition to its work with professional movie theaters and home theater audio equipment companies, said the new game mode that was first disclosed at CES 2020 in January will be available in TCL’s popular 6 Series coming this summer.

“Together, TCL and THX have established a new industry standard in gaming performance for big-screen TVs – THX Certified Game Mode,” the statement said. “TCL’s 6-Series with THX Certified Game Mode delivers lightning fast response time and the most optimal viewing experience, allowing games to be enjoyed the way they were intended by the creators with rich, vibrant colors and dramatic contrast in crisp 4K HDR resolution.”

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“TCL is proud to be the first to launch televisions with a dedicated THX Certified Game Mode setting, as we’re always working toward elevating the home entertainment experience through new technology and innovations. By teaming up with pioneers like THX, who have a history in producing premium cinema-quality audio and visuals, we can ensure that our customers enjoy more by not only getting the best possible performance when watching the latest blockbusters but also now with the THX Certified Game Mode when playing their favorite video games,” stated Chris Larson, TCL senior VP. “Revolutionizing big-screen gaming with THX as a partner allows TCL to continue raising the bar with new products that take your game to the next level, and we’re excited to bring this powerful TV series to market this summer.”

THX said it uses a combination of industry standards and proprietary testing methodology in more than 400 device tests “to ensure color, tone and images represent the content creator’s intentions.”

THX engineers are said to have worked closely with TCL to tune white balance, luminance, black levels, and gamma.

The new THX Game Mode was tested to quantify fast transitions and responsiveness not required for movies, THX said.

Among some of the criteria analyzed and adjusted for the new Game Mode are the following:

Color – Some games are intentionally brighter and more saturated than movies. THX Certified Game Mode ensures picture settings are carefully adjusted to deliver vibrant colors.

Speed – TVs with THX Certified Game Mode are required to have a refresh rate of 120 Hz or higher. More frames per second means motion will look smoother without blur.

Input Lag – TCL’s TVs have low latency to ensure the image and controllers are in sync, so players can see and react to action instantly with minimal lag. THX Certified Game Mode enables this immediacy and switches off any unnecessary video processing.

Rise Time – THX Certified Game Mode ensures low dark-to-light rise time transitions, which determines how fast the display can change from dim to bright improving fast-paced gameplay.

Clarity – Judder and smear reduction keep the picture crisp, while black frame insertion or backlight scanning can improve the look of moving objects.

Smart – TCL TVs with THX Certified Game Mode will automatically switch to THX Game Mode with compatible consoles and PCs.

Further details on TCL’s 2020 6 series TVs and other model lines will be disclosed closer to the product launch dates “this summer,” the companies said.

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By Greg Tarr

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