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(May 23, 2010) As we approach summer the TV industry enters its traditional seasonal slowdown. In past years the new models rolled out from late spring until the fall. This year many major makers introduced their HDTVs in the January through May time frame with just a few high-end models scheduled for June and beyond.

While we can only speculate the cause (slower than anticipated sales?), this past week we’ve seen significant price drops on many higher end TVs from Samsung as well as select bargains from LG, Toshiba and Panasonic. Below is a list of the best deals. All are discounted at least 20% to as much 43% off of the manufacturer’s minimum advertised prices (MAP).

What About Models You Can’t Get On-line?

Panasonic prohibits Internet sales of its 3D HDTVs. A number of other vendors are offering their high-end models at or near MAP. So what do you if your dream HDTV is not available online or is not being heavily discounted?  Read on.

How to Get the Lowest Price From a Brick and Mortar Retailer

Negotiate! It will take some effort and time but you will save money. Here is the secret: national retailers Best Buy and Sears wouldn’t bargain down the price due to company policies. However, many regional and local dealers will. One thing retailers don’t want you to know is that many will compete against their own stores!

Yes, a store within a regional chain will often beat the price you get from another location. Nothing prevents you from going to store to store playing one against the other. Once a salesman knows you’ve been shopping and are ready to buy, they want to close the sale. This technique really works.

Below are this week’s hottest deals from Amazon. (Note: Prices are listed as of 5/24/10 and are subject to change. We will track and update during the week).

(Note: Most of the Amazon prices include free shipping. “Was” price listed is original minimum advertised price)

[amazonify]B0036WT4EC::text::::Samsung UN46C7000 46″ 1080p[/amazonify]  3D 240Hz LED LCD TV, Was $2599.99 Now $1999.98 Amazon

[amazonify]B0036WT4EW::text::::Samsung UN46C8000 46″ 1080p[/amazonify] 3D 240Hz LED LCD Was $2799.99 Now $2199.98 Amazon

[amazonify]B0036WT3PW::text::::Samsung LN40C650 40″ 1080p[/amazonify] 120Hz LCD Was $1099.99 Now $879.98 Amazon

[amazonify]B0039RW9WS::text::::LG  50PK750 50″ 1080p[/amazonify] Plasma THX Certified, Was $1399.95 Now $1074.93 Amazon

[amazonify]B00392147E::text::::Panasonic TC-P54G25 54″ 1080p[/amazonify] Plasma THX Certified, Was $1999.99 Now $1578.47 Amazon

[amazonify]B0036VO7WM::text::::Panasonic TC-P50S2 50″ 1080p[/amazonify] Plasma, Was $1399.99 Now $973.73  6 Ave. via Amazon

[amazonify]B001TOD3K0::text::::Toshiba 46SV670 46″ 1080p[/amazonify] 240Hz LED LCD Was $2099.99 Now $1199.96 Amazon

[amazonify]B001TOD3KA::text::::Toshiba 55SV670″ 55″ 1080p[/amazonify] 240Hz LED LCD, Was $2699.99 Now $1599.96 Tiger Direct via Amazon

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