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(June 8, 2010) DirecTV subscribers that want to view its 3D new channels (link) need to upgrade their legacy DirecTV H20 receiver or HR20 DVR to a 21, 22, 23 or 24 series model .

DirecTV charges $100 to lease a 21 series (or higher number) receiver and $200 for a new DVR. You may be able to reduce or eliminate the upgrade charge by following our advice, however, first make sure you have a compatible 3D TV.

The list of compatible 3D TVs is followed by instructions on how you may save.

3D compatible HDTV models (xx=screen size) available to date (other makes and models are scheduled for release later this year):

Panasonic- TC-P50VT20 and [amazonify]B003NA1AGM::text::::TC-PxxVT25[/amazonify] series (all are 2010 models)

Samsung-[amazonify]B0036WT4EC::text::::UNxxC7000[/amazonify],[amazonify]B0036WT4EW::text::::UNxxC8000 [/amazonify], [amazonify]B0036WT4LK::text::::UNxxC9000[/amazonify] , [amazonify]B0036WT3SE::text::::LNxxC750[/amazonify], [amazonify]B0036WT3YS::text::::PNxxC7000[/amazonify]  and [amazonify]B0036WT3Z2::text::::PNxxC8000[/amazonify] series (all are 2010 models)

LG-xxLX9500 and [amazonify]B003BI6W0K::text::::xxLX6500[/amazonify] series (all are 2010 models)

Mitsubishi rear projectors covering the 2007-2010 model years (note: requires use of Mitsubishi 3DC-1000 converter ) [amazonify]B000S6C0QS::text::::WDxx833[/amazonify], WDxx735, [amazonify]B001ASC60I::text::::WDxx835[/amazonify], [amazonify]B00166G6FA::text::::WDxx736[/amazonify], [amazonify]B001XUR5F4::text::::WDxx737[/amazonify], [amazonify]B001XUR5GS::text::::WDxx837[/amazonify], [amazonify]B003HIPKR0::text::::WDxx638[/amazonify], [amazonify]B003HPB97I::text::::WDxx738[/amazonify], WDxx838, WDxxC8, [amazonify]B002HHLGDE::text::::WDxxC9[/amazonify],  WDxxC10, [amazonify]B001IAAD3K::text::::L65-A90[/amazonify] and [amazonify]B003KTN0AK::text::::L75A91[/amazonify] series.

Once you acquire compatible 3D HDTV, matching 3D glasses, an oval DirecTV dish and  have a DirecTV HD subscription with legacy H20 or HR20DVR,  make a call to DirecTV customer service  at 1-800-513-5000. Tell  the customer service representative you have a DirecTV HD subscription and a compatible 3D TV and need an upgrade to its 3D compatible tuner. The customer service rep will quote you the prices above. Now here’s the secret, you’ll need to ask if they have any “Special Offers”. What DirecTV does not publicize: if a “Special Offer” is requested, the customer service rep (CSR) will check your account for the level of service, the age of your subscription and your payment history. The CSR’s computer will spit out a discount that can range from zero to partial to full, depending on how your profile checks out against DirecTV’s customer criteria.

The four DirecTV 3D channels are -N3D, 3D Pay Per View, 3D On Demand and ESPN3D begin broadcasting on June 11, 2010.

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