Above the HD Guru demonstrates “LCD screen flashing” when he lightly taps the on latest Sony large screen LCD at the CEDIA show in Denver. The tapping causes the LCD screen to produce a momentary burst of white rays in a circular pattern from the point of where the finger contacts the screen. This phenomena occurs due to a temporary misalignment of the crystals within the panel, allowing the back light to shine through.

There is no permanent damage to the TV. Of course, damage (in the form of destroying your LCD panel) will occur if one was to poke at the panel with enough force to break the glass within the panel, instead of lightly tapping on it. The HD Guru takes no responsibility for any damage to any LCD TV if anyone dares to try this themselves. By the way, the effect also occurs on (large screen) Sharp, Samsung as well as other model Sony panels, but not on panels made by LG and some other LCD makers and is most noticeable when the image on the screen is dark.

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