The Economic Downturn Forces Sony, Samsung and Mitsubishi To Cut HDTV Prices Again

November 14th, 2008 · 6 Comments · LCD Flat Panel, Microdisplay Rear Projection, Plasma

Saturday, November 15, 2008 UPDATE-Samsung Has Just Dropped The Price of Its DLP Rear Projectors an Additonal $200
Consumer electronic stores report October 2008 sales are down from last year due to the economic downturn. Retailers’ contacted by HD GURU say the slide has continued into November, strongly affecting their respective HDTV sales. This has lead to an inventory build up at the vendor level. In an attempt to move more product to retail, Sony, Samsung and Mitsubishi have once again substantially dropped their prices, up to $300, with the hope that these additional price reductions will jump start HDTVs sales.

The good news for consumers, retailers are worried the new lower retail prices will not be low enough to motivate buyers, so in turn they are heavily discounting selected models to levels reserved in the past for Black Friday post Thanksgiving promotions.

The HD Guru has made a list of old and new MAP (minimum advertised prices) of Sony, Samsung and Mitsubishi HDTVs. Remember, these prices are manufactures “suggested retails” and do not include the heavy discounts necessary to move a high volume of product. You should find the models listed at the more aggressive retailers with very deep added price cuts.

Some retailers surveyed on-line have not yet updated their pricing to reflect these new lower retails. This should not keep you from buying today, as many major consumer electronics dealers have 30 day price protection. After stores reduce prices further, you can bring it your receipt and get a refund of the difference, often with another 10% added into the refund. Check individual stores for their respective policies before making your purchase.

In addition, the HD GURU has scoured ads for the best deals of the week. Part II contains the deepest discounted advertised deals available today. You should use this information to negotiate for the best price available locally or just go to the respective dealers website.

Make sure you check out the latest HD GURU / Pricegrabber prices, using the link located on the lower left side column of this page for purchase as an added aid to negotiate or receive a price match from a store with an applicable “price match” policy.

Samsung 1080p DLP Rear Projectors

Now till Nov. 22, Get a $200 Instant Rebate OFF the Lowest Price

Model Latest Retail Price

Price After $200 Instant Rebate

HL61A650 $1599.99 $1399.99

HL61A750 $1899.99 $1699.99

HL67A750 $2399.99 $2199.99

HL72A650 $2799.99 $2599.99

Samsung Flat Panels

Model Was New Price

LN52A860 $3499.99 $3399.99
LN52A850 $3399.99 $3299.99
LN52A750 $2999.99 $2899.99
LN52A650 $2799.99 $2699.99
LN52A630 $2599.99 $2499.99
LN52A550 $2299.99 $2199.99
LN46A950 $3499.99 $3399.99
LN46A860 $2799.99 $2699.99
LN46A850 $2699.99 $2599.99
LN46A750 $2399.99 $2299.99
LN46A650 $2199.99 $2099.99
LN46A630 $1999.99 $1899.99
LN46A550 $1699.99 $1599.99
LN46A530 $1499.99 $1399.99
LN37A450 $ 949.99 $ 899.99
LN37A330 $ 849.99 $ 799.99
LN32A650 $1199.99 $1149.99
LN32A550 $ 999.99 $ 949.99
LN32A450 $ 799.99 $ 749.99

Sony LCD Flat Panels

Model Was New Price

KDL40XBR6 $2299.99 $1999.99
KDL40W4100 $1899.99 $1599.99
KDL40V4100 $1499.99 $1399.99
KDL40S4000 $1199.99 $ 999.99
KDL37M4000 $1199.99 $1099.99
KDL32XBR6 $1199.99 $1099.99
KDL32M4000 $ 699.99 $ 599.99
KDL32L4000 $ 699.99 $ 599.99
KDL52XBR6 $3499.99 $2999.99
KDL52W4100 $2999.99 $2499.99
KDL46XBR6 $2999.99 $2499.99
KDL46Z4100 $2499.99 $2199.99
KDL46W4100 $2399.99 $1999.99
KDL46V4100 $1999.99 $1799.99
KDL46S4100 $1499.99 $1399.99


Model Was New Price

LT46148 $2399.99 $2099.99
LT46149 $2799.99 $2499.99
LT46246 $2699.99 $2399.99
LT52148 $2799.99 $2499.99
LT52149 $3299.99 $2999.99
LT52246 $3499.99 $3199.99

Part II

The following HDTVs represent (on 11/14/08) the hottest deals found in advertisements or on-line. Stores featured include Fry’s online (; J&R newspaper ad and on-line (; Vann’s on-line ( and 6th Avenue Electronics newspaper ad (

Make/Model Type New MAP Store Price Dealer

Samsung LN52A750 LCD $2899.99 $2299.98 Vann’s
Panasonic TH50PZ80 Plasma $1999.99 $1499.97 Vanns
Samsung LN46A630 LCD $1899.99 $1549.99 Vann’s
Samsung LN46A650 LCD $2099.99 $1649.98 Vann’s
Samsung LN52A550 LCD $2199.99 $1749.99 Fry’s
PanasonicTH42PZ80 Plasma $1299.95 $ 799.99 J&R
PanasonicTH42PX80 Plasma $ 999.95 $ 645.42 6th Ave.

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  • Black Friday Sales

    Black Friday Sales

    Once again, we come to the Holiday Season, a deeply religious time that each of us observes, in his own way, by going to the mall of his choice. -Dave Barry :o) Happy Holidays!

  • Joe C.

    11/21/08 – bought a Samsung LN46A630 for $1499 at Circuit City. Same set at a CC ‘going out of business’/liquidator was $1599. I paid $100 less and I can return it within 30 days if there’s a problem. I would NOT recommend buying a big-ticket item at a CC which is closing: stay with the stores that are not closing.

  • wdoug

    Is it worth while to purchase an Hdtv that has a Transmitter base so no cables are viewed? TY

  • Rick Prado

    Im looking for a 52″ lcd sony or samsung but unsure which to go with i heard good thing on the samsung tvs but sonys reviews were not so good what is your opinion. thank you

  • Allen West

    Sony Bravia Spec’s controversy clarification for Gary. Huge debate at AVSFORUM as to the “W” series being a Ten/Ten Panel that the “Z” & “XBR” have.

    The Bravia Matrix Table Spec Sheets neglect listing it as such yet many AVS members insist it is Ten/Ten from informal feedback from some Sony CSR’s. Gary, is there any way for you to confirm this either way since you have tested them. If you can’t then technically how can we confirm the Ten/Ten featureset?

    I’ve cross compared 8 bit with ten in the past on budget panels and found the Ten/Ten to be far superior as to defined details and dimension aspects, border definition of PQ and richness of colors. Is the “W” Bravia a Ten/Ten panel?

    Thank you!

  • Jack

    Gary M/HD Guru: Your opinion please.
    Best highend BR player, Denon 3800BDCI, Pioneer BDP-09FD, or Sony S5000ES.

    Best moderate BR player, Panasonic DMP-BD55K, Yamaha BD-S2900, or Sony BDP-S550.

    Best Highend.
    Best Moderate.


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