Originally Posted December 7, 2008

Update December 8, 2008

6 Avenue Electronics on line (6ave.com) has coupon codes to save you an additional 5%,  along with added coupon code specials for two HD GURU recommended Pioneer HDTVs. The codes are as follows and are from listings at dealtaker.com :

5% off on entire order (Excludes: Apple, Bose, Samsung, Velodyne, and Control 4 Products)
Coupon Code: AFL5

Pioneer PDP-6020FD 60″ 1080p KURO Flat Panel HDTV – Only $3748
Coupon Code: AFLPIO3748
Expires: 12/23/08

Pioneer PDP-5020FD 50″ 1080p KURO Flat Panel HDTV – Only $2248
Coupon Code: AFLPIO2248

The HD GURU has tracked down the hottest deals on a number of its recommended HDTVs. (You can find the list at:
HD GURU’s Recommended HDTVs)

Sale prices start today and run though Dec 13, 2008 (except as noted).

You can use these low prices at the retailers advertised or in many cases, get an even better deal at the HD Guru’s internet shopping link by entering the model you desire in the “Product Search” Box under the HD Guru’s “Check Prices” banner in the left column of this page. It will take you to the HD Guru shopping page, powered by Price Grabber. You may also use the prices listed below to negotiate with your local retailer, especially if they have a price match policy.

Today’s bargains are from Best Buy (BB), Circuit City (CC), (national retailers), J&R (JR) jr.com (online ordering and NYC store), Vann’s-www.vanns.com (online ordering and stores in MT), Costco (CO) www.costco.com, (national warehouse membership club stores and on line, note if a non-member buys on-line a 4-5% fee is added to the price according to Costco customer service), 6th Avenue Electronics (6 Ave) -www.6ave.com (online ordering and NY/NJ stores, Note 6 av store=in-store price in its weekly ad (which is available at the 6 av website), item can be ordered on phone at the in-store weekly ad price plus shipping by calling 1-877-684-2831 according to a 6Av customer service representative. 6 Ave on-line prices include free ground shipping.  All on-line prices are subject to change. (FS=Free Shipping; Sam=Samsung; Pan=Panasonic; Son=Sony, Pio=Pioneer, S/M=Sunday and Monday Only)

Key: * = Samsung 630 series has the same performance as the recommended 650 series except for lower contrast ratio spec, due to substitution of a matte anti-glare screen for a glossy anti-reflective screen.
^ =According to the specifications, Costco’s Panasonic plasmas have the same performance specifications as the PX80 and PZ80 units recommended by the HD GURU. There is a slight cosmetic difference and a different model number for Costco. The sale on the Panasonic plasmas runs through Dec 14, 2008.


Pio/PDP5020FD 1080p Plasma 50” $3999.99/$2499.99 JR
Pan/TH42PX80U 768p Plasma 42” $799.99/$649.99 JR
Sam/LN40A630* 1080p LCD 40” $1599.99/$1199.99 BB&CC
Sam/LN46A630* 1080p LCD 46” $1899.99/$1399.99 BB&CC
Son/KDL32XBR6 1080p LCD 32” $1199/$999.99 BB
Note-This is a Best Buy package deal and includes a $300 Sony BDPS350 Blu-ray player at no extra charge

Pan/THC50FD18^ 1080p Plasma 50” $1449/$1299.99CO(FS Sun)
Pan/THC42FD18^ 1080p Plasma 42” $899/$799.99CO(FS Sun)
Pan/THC42HD18^ 768p Plasma 42” $729/629.99CO(FS Sun)
Pan/THC50HD18^ 768p Plasma 50”  $1049/$899.99CO(FS Sun)
Pan/TC32LZ800 1080p LCD32” $1199.99/$869.93 6ave.com (FS)
Pan/TC26LX85 720LCD 26”    $899/487.47 6 av store
Pan/TH42PX80 768p Plasma  $999.95/645.42 6av.store
Pan/TH42PZ80 1080p Plasma $1299.95/$845 6 ave.com (FS)
Pan/TH50PX80 768p Plasma $1399.95/878.94 6 av store S/M
Pan/TH50PX80 768p Plasma $1399.95/$948 6ave.com (FS)

Pan/TH46PZ80 1080p Plasma $1699.95/$1249.97 Vanns (FS)
Pan/TH50PZ80 1080p Plasma  $1999.95/1389.97 Vanns (FS)
LG/37LG60 1080p LCD $1499.99/899.88 Vanns (FS)

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