TCL formally announced pricing and availability of its 2023 U.S. TV line, which is newly split between S for “smart TV” and Q for QLED smart TV.

The company continues to be smart TV platform agnostic and divides its offerings for the U.S. between models using the Roku OS or the Google TV OS. Roku TVs will be offered in all S series models for 2023, while S3 and S4 series present options of either the Roku OS (coming later) or the Google TV OS.

The new premium models are all based on the Google TV smart interface. In addition, TCL will carry over its 98-inch Roku TV model 98R754 — with 120Hz native refresh rate 4K LED-LCD QLED without local dimming — from 2022. This is the lone carryover model in 2023.

Sorry, the talk of a TCL QD-OLED TV coming this year was at best premature, the company now says, because Mini-LED has more room for growth and gives the company greater control over its own destiny, by nature of its massive LCD panel fabs that are run by sister company China Star Opto-Electronics Tech (CSoT).

TCL’s other 2023 offerings, meanwhile, include improvements to picture, sound, and advanced gaming enhancement and functionality.

TCL’s new TVs step up contrast technology, deep color saturation, image clarity and sleek panel designs, with this year’s model range all wrapped in “FullView metal bezel-less styling.”

Many of the premium model ranges also offer adjustable table-top “feet” placement that accommodate varying screen heights and feet separation widths and some include selectable toe-angles for greater flexibility on placement surface lengths.

TCL said it once again is advancing its “big-screen” prowess with a new 98-inch flagship Google TV model in the new 4K 98QM8 Quantum Dot Mini-LED line. TCL is calling this “the ultimate home theater centerpiece.”

“TCL has been a top two best-selling TV brand in the US for four consecutive years and with the incredible new products we’re launching today, I have no doubt that we’ll maintain that leadership position in the television space. Our focus on the consumer, coupled with our innovation and vertical integration advantages, has proven to be a winning formula for delivering high-performance and high quality TVs,” stated Chris Hamdorf, TCL senior VP. “Each year we set the bar for the industry as our lineup continues to refine key advancements that we’ve pioneered. With TCL’s immersive extra-large screens and higher resolution content, consumers can replicate the same cinematic ‘field of view’ found in theaters without worrying about viewing distance. Whether it’s movies, sports, shows, or videogames, TCL is poised and motivated to make TVs that will meet everyone’s entertainment needs.”

TCL Q Class 4K QLED Smart TVs

Beyond the wide natural color reproduction quantum dot technology provides in the 2023 Q Series Smart TV models, the technology family provides higher brightness performance and improved QLED color reproduction that produces “deeply saturated reds, stunning greens and spectacular blues,” the company said.

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TCL Q6 4K LED LCD Google TV Series

TCL’s 2023 Q6 QLED series incorporates a High Brightness LED Backlight, producing brighter images for enhanced viewing when watching movies and TV shows, and “Motion Rate 240” (120Hz native refresh rate) with “motion estimation motion compensation” (MEMC) Frame Insertion, beneficial for live action video. The company explained that this combines multiple motion enhancement technologies for clearer, smoother motion images.

The 2023 entry QLED series is the Q6, which includes a new Game Accelerator 120 feature that allows up to a 120 Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) Gaming experience from a native 60Hz LCD panel for more responsive action with minimal input lag from Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and AMD FreeSync support. TCL said the television will automatically switch between game mode and selected theatrical picture models upon sensing the input signal type.

HDR PRO+ enables Q6 owners to see enhanced contrast, highly accurate colors and fine details from a full complement of high dynamic range (HDR) profiles including Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDR10 and HLG. Sound support includes DTS Virtual:X surround sound from post processing for everyday sound tracks to produce an immersive virtualized 3D sound from the internal TV speakers, the company said.

Additional features include adjustable width feet, Bluetooth personal audio for headphone connections and high-speed HDMI inputs.

The TCL Q6 is available now in the following screen size models:

55-inch 55Q650G $499.99 suggested retail
65-inch 65Q650G $699.99
75-inch 75Q650G $899.99
85-inch 85Q650G $1,599.99.

TCL Q7 4K QLED Full-Array with Local Dimming LED-LCD Google TV Series

The step-up TCL Q7 series adds a High Brightness PRO LED Backlight function with up to 1,000 Nits of peak brightness to produce brilliant highlights in HDR content for a natural 3D-like visual experience. The series Full Array PRO Local Dimming circuitry extends contrast between deep blacks and bright white using more than 200 local dimming zones of LEDs across the LCD backlight. This enables the screen to dynamically adapt to on-screen content and significantly reduce image blooming.

TCL said the Q7 also steps up to a native 120Hz refresh rate LCD panel that helps optimize smooth action movies, fast-paced video games, and live sports, and controls contrast with up to 200 LED local dimming zones for up to 1,000 nits peak brightness. For further motion enhancement, the Q7 series can be set to activate its “Motion Rate 480 with MEMC Frame Insertion” function for improved clarity of live video, like sports events. In addition a new Game Accelerator 240 feature allows for easy to see clear, fast video game action using “240” VRR Gaming functionality. The set’s ALLM Game Mode includes the addition of the AMD FreeSync Premium Pro VRR flavor support that makes the series an excellent display for competitive game play with some of the latest supporting PC game titles.

The series also incudes TCL’s AIPQ Engine Gen3 picture processing with Deep Learning AI to intelligently optimize the color, contrast, and clarity for 4K HDR. The series has earned the IMAX Enhanced certification for meeting high requirements in resolution, contrast, brightness, color and sound.

The TCL Q7 series also offers “HDR ULTRA” reproduction of content using the Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+, HDR10, and HLG profiles along with DTS Virtual:X 3D surround sound.

The set design includes adjust feet that can be point inward or outward for better placement flexibility.

The Google TV smart TV OS further supports hands-free voice control from a mic built into the backlit voice remote. Other noteworthy amenities include adjustable reversible feet for versatile table top placement options, Bluetooth accessory connections, and four high-speed HDMI inputs.

The TCL Q7 Series is available now in the following screen sizes:

55-inch 55Q750G $749.99 suggested retail,
65-inch 65Q750G $999.99
75-inch 75Q750G $1,399.99
85-inch 85Q750G $2,199.99

TCL Flagship QM8 4K QLED Full-Array with Local Dimming Mini-LED Google TV Series

As mentioned, TCL’s 2023 flagship QM8 series is targeted at “true videophiles” stepping up to best-level picture, sound and gaming performance. They include the use of expanded mini-LED ULTRA backlighting technology with a high of more than 2,300 local dimming zones from thousands of tiny mini-LEDs filling the LCD back plane.

Scott Ramirez, TCL home theater product marketing development VP, told us this represents the highest level of mini-LED zone coverage the company has yet produced, and offers precise zone control brightness variability utilizing the TCL AIPQ Engine Gen3. Set owners, he said, will find this produces advanced image quality from varying room lighting environments to present simultaneous ultra deep blacks, ultra bright whites and higher color volume.

The QM8 features a High Brightness ULTRA LED Backlight, with up to 2,000 Nits peak brightness, depending on the model, and Full Array ULTRA Local Dimming for ultra contrast from the numerous local dimming zones. In addition, QM8 models feature enhanced audio with a built-in subwoofer plus DTS Virtual:X. It also features Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and a height adjustable pedestal stand to allow for greater versatility when choosing TV furniture or a sound bar.

The QM8 Series is available now in the following screen sizes:

65-inch 65QM850G $1,699.99 suggested retail
75-inch 75QM850G $2,299.99
85-inch 85QM850G $2,799.99
98-inch 98QM850G $9,999.99 (coming later this year).

TCL “S” Class LED-LCD Google TVs

Offering big value, TCL’s S Class smart TVs include the three performance-level series for high definition and 4K TVs employing either the Roku TV or Google TV smart TV OS, depending on choice and series level. Most models feature Bluetooth personal audio connections and voice control-supporting remotes.

TCL S2 Series 720P HD LED-LCD Roku TV

This series features an HD 720P resolution direct-lit LED LCD TV display with a Full-View metal-bezeless design, Roku TV smart TV OS, and manual game mode.

32-inch price TBA

TCL S3 Series Full HD 1080P LED-LCD (choice of Roku TV or Google TV OS)

The entry TCL S3 series models offer 1080p Full HD resolution and with high dynamic range (HDR) support for the HDR10 and HLG profiles to produce bright colorful images from HDR-supporting content. Models will be available with a choice of either the Roku TV OS or Google TV OS and the series can double as a PC Monitors. Users can easily pair the TV with Bluetooth headphones for private listening.

Models include:

32-inch 32S350G $199.99
42-inch 40S350G $229.99
43-inch 43S350G $249.99

TCL S4 Series 4K LED-LCD (choice of Roku TV or Google TV OS)

TCL’s entry level 4K UHD TVs are found in the S4 series. These models include high dynamic range using HDR PRO that supports the Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG profiles, for wide contrast performance. On-board sound includes immersive DTS Virtual:X surround sound. Motion handling is supported by Motion Rate 240 with MEMC Frame Insertion for smooth clear fast action. Gaming support includes, ALLM automatic game signal sensing to seamlessly put the TV into Game Mode upon sensing an incoming game signal. Other features include Bluetooth connectivity and three high-speed HDMI inputs.

The TCL S4 series is available now in the following screen sizes:

43-inches 43S450G $279.99 suggested retail
50-inches 50S450G $349.99
55-inches 55S450G $379.99
65-inches 65S450G $529.99
75-inches 75S450G $749.99
85-inches 85S450G $1399.99

TCL said it will be teaming up with select content partners this year to provide its own online streaming service to TCL TV and mobile users in North America this summer. It is further promoting brand awareness through its sponsoring partnership with the NFL for 2023.

The company also has plans to launch S and Q Series soundbars. Pricing and availability on those will be announced later.

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