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Ever get to that point where you think: “Man, these brats and beer are great, but wouldn’t it be cool if we could actually watch the game?”

Inveterate tailgaters, RV habitators, and anyone wanting TV away from home should be interested in the multi-use Tailgater from Dish Network.

Looking unfortunately like a portable toilet, the $350 Tailgater is a self-contained satellite antenna. It automatically finds satellites (110, 119, and 129, FWIW), so you’ll be able to get the same channels, including HD, you do at home. This isn’t for use on the go, it’s made for sitting still (hence the “Tailgater” name), but when you’re done, you can pack it up and move to a different location.

Dish Network Tailgater campingMore than just tailgating, you can use the Tailgater for camping, at a cabin, or anywhere else you don’t want a fixed traditional dish. There is no phone connection required, so Dish Network won’t know where you’re using it.

The Tailgater is just the dish, though, you’ll need an HD Solo Receiver (Model ViP 211k). It’s $5 a month to rent the receiver (or $149 outright). Plus there’s a $7 “extra room” fee. You can deactivate this room fee during the off-season.

The Tailgater gets its power from the receiver box, which is AC only. So you’ll need to plug it into an AC inverter, presuming you don’t have one already for your TV.

It’s even got a handle and “integrated security bracket” so no one will snatch it and try to use it as a loo.

The Tailgater will be available from, Dish Network retailers, Sears, and for a $10 premium, on

For more info, check out the Tailgater site.

—Geoff Morrison
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