July 16, 2008 Addendum: LG Price Drops Included Below

This week, in a move designed to counter sagging sales, major TV manufacturers significantly lowered large screen plasma and LCD HDTV retail prices. With the recent economic downturn causing inventories to swell, set maker were forced to drop prices by as much as $400. This follows a round of significant price reductions less than two months ago.

Samsung, Sharp, Mitsubishi and Panasonic notified their dealers of the price drop this past week, according to industry sources. Other set makers are expected to follow, in order to maintain their respective market shares.

Below find old and new prices from the four aforementioned manufacturers.  Remember, these are retail or “minimum advertised prices,” not the actual in-store tagged prices. So-called “street pricing” often is significantly less. Use this as a guide to make sure the dealer you select discounts from the latest price sheet.

If you recently purchased an HDTV, recheck the store’s current price. You may find a sizeable refund available if your dealer has “price protection”. National retailers Best Buy, Circuit City and Sears all have a 30-day price protection policies.

Mitsubishi LCD

Model                    Old Pricing  New Pricing
LT-40148                    $2299              $1999
LT-46148                    $2799              $2599
LT-52148                    $3399              $3199
LT-46149                    $3199               $2999
LT-52149                    $3799              $3399
LT-46246                    $3399              $3199
LT-52246                    $4099              $3699

Sharp LCD

C-46SE94U                 $2,999             $2,699 (effective July 7)
LC-52D64U                $2,799             $2,699 (effective July 7)
LC-52SE94U              $3,799             $3,499 (effective July 7)
LC-37D64U                $1,499             $1,299 (effective August 1)
LC-32D44U                $1,299              $1,099 (effective July 1)

Panasonic Plasma

TH-42PX80U              $1199              $1099
TH-50PX80U              $1699              $1499
TH-46PZ80U              $1999              $1799
TH-50PZ80U              $2299              $2099
TH-46PZ85U              $2199              $1999
TH-50PZ85U              $2499              $2299
TH-50PZ800U            $3199              $2999
TH-46PZ850U            $3099              $2799
TH-50PZ850U            $3499              $3299

Samsung Prices

In lieu of the full Samsung price sheet (should be posted soon), here are the factory price drops as seen in the 7/13/08 Sunday Circulars from Circuit City and Best Buy

Circuit City
LN52A750 was $3199.99 now $2699.99 price drop of $500
LC52A550 was $2399.99 now $1979.99 price drop of $420
LN37A450 was $1099.99 now $ 999.99 price drop of $100
LN32A550 was $1099.99 now $ 999.99 price drop of $100
LN40A550 was $1499.99 now $1259.99 price drop of $100+$140 off sale

Best Buy

LN52A650 was$3199.99 now $2499.99 price drop of $200+$500 off sale
LN46A650 was $2499.99 now $2059.99 price drop of $200+$240 off sale
LN46A530 was $1599.99 now $1499.99 price drop of $100
LN40A550 was $1499.99 now $1259.99 price drop of $100+$140 off sale


50PG30 (1080p plasma) was $2299.95 now 1999.95 price drop $300

42LG60 (1080p LCD) was $2299.95 now $1999.95 price drop $300

42LG70 (1080p LCD) was $1999.95 now $1899.95

42LG50 (1080p LCD) was $1499.95 now $1399.95 


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