You can test HDTVs just like the HD Guruâ„¢ does with the Silicon Optix HQV test discs and now save 25% off the regular $20 disc price. The HDV test disc is used in all of the HD Guru’s reviews to judge how a high definition display handles the most common and highest resolution HDTV broadcast signal, called 1080i. The standard definition version DVD can be used to test a DVD player’s upconversion of 480i signals as well as the scaler that is built into your HDTV.

The discs come with evaluation booklet and instructions recorded on the disc. There are three versions of the discs available for the five dollar discount. They are the standard definition DVD, HD DVD and a Blu-ray editions. All are normally $20. Silicon Optix has generously offered a 25% discount on its single pack HQV discs to all HD Guru visitors, .

To order go to and click on the “order benchmark DVD” button near the bottom of the home page. The will take you to the disc page and provide instructions on ordering. You will need to insert the proper code to obtain the HD Guru™ for the five dollar discount. They are as follows:

HDGURUBR – $5 off the HD HQV Benchmark (Blu-ray)
HDGURUHD – $5 off the HD HQV Benchmark (HD DVD)
HDGURUSD – $5 off the HQV Benchmark (Standard Def NTSC 480i)

One last note. The HD Guruâ„¢ derives no revenue from the sale of these discs. All revenue is generated by reader responses to the advertising appearing on this website. The HD Guru asks readers not post these discount codes on other websites and forums, which will deprive the HD Guruâ„¢ from getting new visitors. Instead, please feel free to post the domain name ( or a link, so others may visit and save on these discs.

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