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Sony just announced its next generation 4K (3840 x 2160 resolution) Media player, the FMP-X10. It offers refreshed styling, new compression decoding and additional 4K content. Sony  also released the prices of their 2014 UHDTVs (4K). The details follow after the break.

The FMP-X10, like its predecessor the FMP-X1 connects to Sony’s Video Unlimited download service.  In addition to downloads, the X10 will stream Netflix permitting  2013 Sony UHD owners to see its new 4K streaming service the built-in HEVC decoder. The press release states the FMP-X10 is compatible with any Sony 4K TV, implying is it will not work with any other brand 4K TV.

The media player contains a 1TB hard drive to store movies from Sony’s Video Unlimited 4K download service. Currently Sony offers over 200 movie and TV series titles including American Hustle and The Monuments Men. Upcoming titles include The Amazing Spiderman 2 and Annie (2014), which will be available following its theatrical run. The FMP-X10 will include over 50 4K titles (not specified) at no charge.

Sony also announced it is producing three full matches of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in 4K and will be offering 4K/60p trailers at Sony stores and retailers nationwide.

The FMP-X10 will be available this summer.  The price to be announced.

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Sony is now taking pre-orders for many of its 2014 4K models on the Sony store website. Prices and approximate announced release dates are as follows:

850 Series

XBR-49X850B 49-inch $2,099
XBR-55X850B 55-inch $2,999  May 24
XBR-65X850B 65-inch $3,999  May 24
XBR-70X850B 70-inch $5,499  May 24

900 Series

XBR-55X900B 55-inch $3,999 May 3
XBR-65X900B 65-inch $4,999 April 26
XBR-79X900B 79-inch $8,999

950 Series

XBR-65X950B 65-inch $7,999 May 17
XBR-85X950B 85-inch $24,999

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