Sony’s 2013 HDTV Line Revealed

January 7th, 2013 · 5 Comments · 3D HDTV, 4K LED LCD, LED LCD Flat Panels, News

Sony XBR-55X900A

In 2012 Sony trimmed and only slightly revamped its line of HDTVs. For 2013 Sony comes back to CES with a full line of all new TVs in six series. The flagship models are the XBR X900s with UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution.  Read the details after the break.


Following on the heels of the late 2012 introduction of the 84-Inch XBR84X900, Sony adds to its XBR UHD line with a 55 and 65-inch models (55 pictured above). These are the best TVs Sony offers and are loaded with features and new styling (see photo).  New for 2013: 3rd Generation Gorilla Glass, edge-lit LEDs with local dimming, external wide range speakers, passive 3D, Smart TV with Sony apps and Wi-Fi and near field communication (NFC) for easy transfer of content from NFC cell phones and TV.

Sony adds a Sima-View feature which allows the viewing of two programs simultaneously with special 3D glasses equipped with built-in ear pieces.

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Sony KDL-55W900

This series replaces the 2012 XBR950 models. Available in 55-Inch and other sizes TBA the 900s feature: Smart TV, active Full HD 3D, full sound speakers, edge-lit LED with local dimming, NFC, Gorilla Glass face, built-in HD camera for Skype Video and NFC all wrapped in a new bezel-less design.


The W802 series replaces the 2012 HX750 and 850 models. Available in the 47 and 55-Inch screen sizes the 802s are edge –lit LED LCD panels and feature: passive 3D, Smart TV, NFC, and new full range speakers.


This series is available as a 32-Inch 32W650 edge-lit LED LCD. Features include full range forward firing speakers, passive 3D and Smart TV.

R Series

Sony KDL-60R550

The “R” models are made up of  three series as the 550, 450 and 400. The R550 HDTVs (pictured here) will be available in the 70, 60 and 50-inch screen sizes. Features include: passive 3D, Smart TV with edge-lit LCD panels.

The KDL40R450 is a 40-Inch edge-lit Smart TV. It is scheduled to ship in the late March/early April time frame.

The KDL32R400 is a 32-Inch edge-lit entry level HDTV built for the mass merchants like Wal-Mart.



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  • John

    The KDL40R450 is a 40-Inch edge-lit Smart TV. It is scheduled to ship in the late March/early April time frame

    Not true, our store just received these today, Feb 18th. We need to sell a couple more of the old 40s from last year before we put it on the floor, but thought i would let you know they are out and shipped!

    Thanks for the tip. As you may already know, we write it as they tell us. Often these schedules change depending on inventories and other factors.

    HD Guru

  • Dave

    On the X900 at least, it appears we’ve come full circle to putting speakers back on the side panels of the TV. Are they really not covered so you see the speaker cones? And why the fussy silver stands which seem to be designed by a drunk contortionist? What’s wrong with good old black which melds into the overall design of the TV? If indeed we can’t get a top of the line Sony with full or almost full local dimming, then Sony will continue to take a bashing in 2013. It seems sound engineering has taken a back seat to “Gucci” style designs and fluff extraneous features.

  • SkyMeow


    I guess it must be the price of full-array. It produces best picture quality but cost is probably too high to compete. Even high-end Samsung and LG TVs are edge-lit. I purchased HX950 last year btw :-). It will keep me happy until the price of 4K OLED TV comes down to $4K range LOL

  • XBRMan

    I am the owner of an XBR6, XBR8, XBR10 and an XBR850 and this is the first year since 2006 that i haven’t been enticed by SONYs latest HDTV.

    Dafuq are they thinking with those designs? It’s like they took all the design prowess they earned from the legacy models and threw it out the window, then ran it over with a caravan of semis before tossing it into the Hudson. Who’s running the show over there anyway? Some wild eyed batshit insane circus clown they found on the corner?

    Not to mention the naming schemes that keep getting more and more ridiculous with every go round. I mean… ‘W900’… dafuq does that even mean?

    SONY, it was nice knowing you. We had some good times, shared some good laughs, watched some good shows … but that was all before you lost your damn mind and became a freakshow. Not that i don’t understand, mind you, going out of business the way you are is bound to make anyone go a little nutty. That understanding tho, can only go so many miles before it runs out of gas, and buddy, that tank is now as empty as your bank account.

    So from here on out – don’t call me. I’ll call you.

  • J

    hoping the bit about the W900 being edge-lit is a typo, as if it is indeed replacingthe HX950 (which only came out a few months ago), that would seemingly leave not a single full-array model left in their lineup…

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