Sony’s diminutive RX0 camera (above) is getting new wired connectivity capabilities to enhance multi-camera synchronized shooting.

Sony announced at CES 2018 that it is adding wired-control extensions to its RX-family 4K cameras including the latest cube-style RX0 ultra-compact model designed to link with other cameras for unusual synchroized shooting experiences including 360-degree images and Virtual Reality (VR).

Among the new features being offered are: raw field capture, S-log-2, and 4K capture and output in up to 960 fps slow motion. Using wired connections users will be able to link and synchronize cameras over longer distances and with greater synchronization accuracy.

In addition, a new version of Sony’s PlayMemories software will enable up to 50 RX0 cameras to connect together for wildly different shooting perspectives and VR footage, among many other things.

Sony said the new capabilities are expected to really expand the creative options open to content creators dabbling in new creative worlds like VR.

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Sony is also hoping the new wired-control benefits will further convey the abilities of RX0, not only for shots from a single camera, but for shots employing multiple cameras for very different viewing perspectives.

The RX0 has the ability to link together with other cameras via wireless control, as was demonstrated at the time of the camera’s launch. Now it adds wired connection control ability, which Sony has been developing since the RX0’s launch last summer.

Cameras in Sony’s RX series use 1-inch image sensors and a host of features designed to enhance creativity options for advanced and professional photographers and videographers.

The RX0 camera is noted for its high quality video and still images, advanced Sony image processing technology and ruggedly constructed cube-style ultra-compact form factor. One of the key attributes of the RX0 is its ability to link to multiple RX0 models to create unique multiangle images.

The Sony RX0 has had the ability to wirelessly link with other devices such as smartphones and tablets to enable remote monitoring and control of the camera. The company explained the new wired control capability enables a more robust connection affording greater distances and more accurate camera synchronization.

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Sony said this is especially benefial for new VR shooting options. The camera will also support convenient file management enabling content creators to check their footage in real time on site.

To enable all of this, Sony will be releasing a control box (which will go on pre-sale Jan. 9th at a $699 suggested retail). This box will enhance what the camera can do with multiple cameras connected together. The control box (model CCW1) will connect via USB with the camera providing a link and power. This will eliminate the need for double power sources.

The box also then connect via LAN cable. A PC also will be required to control multiple cameras through a switching hub. Shooters will use a web browser on the PC to directly connect to the cameras by accessing their various IP addresses.

As a web-based application, this eliminates the need for software or additional drivers.

Shooters will have a live view they can monitor from the camera, monitor settings in real time, and take over control. Controls will be available for power on/off, shutter release, quick start/stop, and all the settings changes desired to be made to the cameras.

The control box will provide the functionality to download all of the footages directly from the cameras to the PC, as well as setting all the file names from the PC at once to eliminate confusion after downloading files or structuring folders to manage and sort the captured footage.

In addition, a new version update of the Sony PlayMemories mobile app will be coming on Jan. 30th to enhance what can be done with the RX0 from a wireless base connection.

Where PlayMemories Moble App 6.1, which launched at the time of RX0, enabled connection and control of up to five units, the new version, PlayMemories Mobile App 6.2, will support the addition of a wireless router between a smart device and the cameras to enable connecting more than six cameras (Sony said up to 50 cameras in total will be possible) in a wireless environment.

Cameras can be linked and controlled through the app in not only peer-to-peer fashion but in groups for a host of creative shooting capabilities.

In addition, users can now power on and off the camera over Bluetooth connections from the app directly and the user interface of the app has been updated to list each of the cameras as more units are connected together.

Sony said the PlayMemories Mobile App 6.2 will be released on Jan. 30th and will be compatible with the RX0 system software version 2.0.


By Greg Tarr


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