Sony introduced Tuesday three native 4K HDR SXRD Home Cinema laser projectors, based on what the company called “the world’s smallest native 4K UHD SXRD 0.61-inch panel (offering a native 3840 x 2160 pixel count).

Sony said the new SXRD 4K chip design enables a new more-compact chassis designs. In addition, new wide dynamic range optics in combination with Sony’s Triluminous Pro processing help to drive further improvements in color on a very large-screen level.

The projectors are powered by Sony’s “X1 Ultimate for projector” technology that the company said uses a picture processor-based on technology used for its BRAVIA TV series but optimized for projectors for the first time.

This processor enables unique features including Dynamic HDR Enhancer and Object-based Super Resolution to create expanded dynamic range and extreme clarity, heightening the viewing experience, the company said.

Sony’s Dynamic HDR Enhancer leverages the processing power of the X1 Ultimate for projector to produce contrast in combination with the new laser output control is further enhanced, making the HDR bright scenes brighter and the dark scenes darker. The newly launched object based HDR remaster allows for more powerful real-time picture processing that analyzes objects of each frame and makes for unmatched HDR imagery for any content. 

Each of the new XW series models offer over a billion colors generated through the Triluminos Pro processing presenting the ability to display 95% of DCI-P3 wide color gamut. A level of 90% or greater is considered “premium” home cinema display quality by the Ultra HD Alliance.

Sony said all three models support new wide dynamic range optics. Within the new Native 4K SXRD panel, a reflective silicon layer provides better light control for precisely delivered shadows and blacks and improves light durability and reflectance. 

In addition, all three of the new projectors continue to feature a reduced input lag mode to improve gaming performance for competitive action with a very big screen viewing advantage. Gaming graphics are further enhanced with detailed image quality through Sony’s video processing expertise

The new XW range supports 2K 120Hz input with 13ms input lag, Sony said.

“We’ve delivered the highest quality projectors and immersive entertainment experiences for 50 years, and our Native 4K SXRD projectors have led the market in providing these experiences for over a decade,” said Tyler Ishida, Sony Electronics consumer business group president. “We’re excited to debut these compact, high-brightness laser projectors, with a new design that creates flexibility and options for consumers with today’s variety of home media viewing rooms and differing lighting needs. These new models showcase our continued commitment to products that provide extraordinary experiences while increasing value to the consumer with every generation.” 

The VPL-XW7000ES, VPL-XW6000ES and VPL-XW5000ES models are positioned as the next generation of 4K SXRD, succeeding models based on FHD SXRD lamps, 4K SXRD UST laser and 4K SXRD laser Home Cinema, excluding the GTZ380 which remains in the line-up. 

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Sony said the VPL-XW7000ES and the VPL-XW6000ES models are both 20% smaller in size and 30% lighter in weight than the previous VPL-VW915ES. The VPL-XW5000ES is 30% smaller in size and 35% lighter in weight than prior VPL-VW915ES making it the most compact Native 4K HDR projector model available.

The three new models include the following:

The VPL-XW7000ES 

$27,999.99 suggested retail price, available to order this summer

The VPL-XW7000ES is a native 4K HDR laser model in the range, with 3,200 lumens and Live Color Enhancer that is said to present vivid images even in bright home living spaces. This model also features a new 70mm diameter Advanced Crisp Focused (ACF) lens with aspherical front element and floating focus group that delivers extreme clarity. 

The VPL-XW6000ES 

$11,999.99 suggested retail, available to order this summer

The VPL-XW6000ES offers up to 2,500 lumens of brightness, from a long-lasting laser light engine. Images are said to be vibrant even on a large screen. This model, which is available in either white or black cabinet colors, includes the new 0.61-inch SXRD panel, capable of high brightness, inky blacks, vibrant colors, rich tones and textures, clear cinematic motion, and image smoothness, according to the company. The projector is also equipped with Sony’s “flagship-level X1 Ultimate” for projectors to provide flat-panel BRAVIA TV-level video processing to the projection space. This is said to produce “high dynamic range imagery with texture, color, contrast, and realism never-before available to home cinema.”

The VPL-XW5000ES

$5,999.99 suggested retail, available to order this summer.

The VPL-XW5000ES is an addition to Sony’s Home Cinema line-up bringing 2,000 lumens of laser brightness along with high contrast and object based HDR remastering for powerful real-time picture processing, the company said.

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By Greg Tarr

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