Sony Electronics B2B and custom-installed displays team introduced Wednesday a new lineup of modular premium direct view LED displays in its Crystal LED C-series (ZRD-C12A/C15A) optimized for high contrast and B-series (ZRD-B12A/B15A) optimized for high brightness.

Both new Crystal LED series are available in a choice of two pixel pitch sizes (P1.26mm and P1.58mm) to suit different installation needs, Sony said. This will provide a range of screen sizes and resolution levels, including up to 8K Ultra HD resolution.

Listed applications for these displays include: corporate showrooms, lobbies and content production studios. Each of the options enable high-level image quality, flexibility and scalability in installation, with lower total cost of ownership, Sony said.

Pricing was not disclosed, but these aren’t exactly positioned for average consumers.

Both series are equipped with Sony’s “X1 for Crystal LED”, high-performance image quality processor. This delivers LED control technology developed for Sony’s Crystal LED along with Sony’s signal processing technology made popular in its Bravia TV series.

The displays were engineered to deliver image accuracy inspired by the leading master monitors but scaled to large-scale screen sizes viewed from a distance or even up close.

Among a suite of image processing technologies in the series are Sony’s “Reality Creation” for smooth and artifact-free pictures without motion blur (“Motionflow”) and gradation expression enabled by “22bit Super Bit Mapping”. Highlights also include a wide viewing angle and wide color gamut, as well as a various input signals, including HDR, HFR (120fps) and 3D.

The displays can be mounted to walls without the need of special ventilation or cooling, the company said. Each modular panel used to assemble one large screen size is designed to be flexible, long-lasting and easy-to-install, Sony said.

The assembled display is said to be comprised of seamless bezel-free tiles and can scale to accommodate a range of sizes, layouts and resolutions.

“Sony has been creating unforgettable images and engaging experiences that empower and stimulate creators’ curiosity for over 60 years,” stated Theresa Alesso, Sony Electronics Pro Division president. “As we continually strive to get closer to our customers and solve their challenges, we’ve implemented the features and benefits that they value most in a direct view microLED display. The ease of installation, accessibility, flexibility and a lower total cost of ownership can further expand spatial expression – all with the outstanding picture quality proven by the original Crystal LED.”

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The Crystal LED C-series delivers a 1,000,000:1 high contrast ratio and uses a deep black coating optimized for a range of applications including corporate showrooms, lobbies, and customer experience centers, among others, Sony said.

The Crystal LED B-series models list peak brightness of 1,800 cd/m2 for placement in brightly lit environments while preserving life-like images and a wide color gamut. This series uses an anti-reflection coating with a matte finish that should be useful by content creators, designers and production applications such as virtual sets and studio backdrops.

The B-series was developed in collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment for uses in content creation.
Due to lower power consumption and convenient front accessibility, these displays will reduce total cost of ownership including maintenance, after purchase. In addition, the Crystal LED C- and B-series are both fanless, ensuring quiet operation and feature a 100-240V AC power supply, providing customers with enhanced usability.

Both the Crystal LED C-series and B-series will be available this summer.

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By Greg Tarr

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