Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) and Intel Corporation said this week that Sony’s ULTRA 4K movie streaming service will make its debut on computers equipped with Intel 7th Gen Core processors beginning in the first quarter of 2017, at which time the Internet movie service will add a 48-hour rental option, as well.

Sony said ULTRA will be adding new, more user-friendly features including 48-hour rentals and free 10-minute previews, for the first time. The preview option will enable viewers to sample any film on the service in full 4K Ultra HD resolution before buying.

Meanwhile, Intel’s 7th Generation Core processor family will add new security measures for viewing copy-protected 4K movie streaming content. Intel said a growing number of users are now opting to stream high-quality movies from PCs

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This latest processor is said to enable richer graphics, improved user experiences and faster response time while providing long battery life.

Intel said more than 100 devices carrying the 7th Gen processor will be available for the holiday season, with some of the first models appearing in September.

The new processor is said to employ hardware security technologies that enable accessing premium 4K movies through the ULTRA 4K service. Intel said the latest processors are built on 14nm process technology and include a new media engine that supports 4K UHD content for viewing, streaming, creating and sharing.

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ULTRA first launched in April as a 4K digital movie service limited to 2016 Sony 4K Ultra HDTV sets . The service started out by offering movies only for purchase. ULTRA provides streaming 4K movies with enhancements including: high dynamic range (HDR), and digital movie extras.

The companies said the addition of rental and free preview options via PCs expands user flexibility and provides convenient access options from PCs made possible by the enhanced security technology in the 7th Gen. Intel Core processors.

Films available on the service for purchase, rental, and streaming on ULTRA include new releases as well as a library of classic films. New releases are priced at $29.99 to own in 4K with HDR, and will be $7.99 for 48 hour rental. Library titles are priced at $25.99 to own.

By Greg Tarr


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