Sony XBR-55X900AUPDATED 8/24/13

According to industry sources and industry trade publication Consumer Electronics Daily, Sony plans to drastically cut the price of its Ultra HDTVs on August 25th. Sony is currently offering its entry level 55-inch XBR55X900A for $4999.99 (Unilateral Pricing Policy) and its  65-inch XBR65X900A for $6999.99 UPP . The new prices will be $3999.99 and $5499.99 respectively. Sony also plans to add to two lower cost models. Ultra HDTV offer four times the pixels of HDTV (over 8 million vs. over 2 milllion).

The new models will have the same specs, sans the “elephant ear” 65-watt speakers at prices of $3499.99 for the 55-inch and $4999.99 for the 65-inch screen according to sources.

Update- According to an industry source the new “ear less ” 55 and 65-inch models will be released in early October 2013.

Dealers have reported that many consumers balk at buying  the extra wide form factor of the current Sony models with molded-in speakers, especially since most high-end buyers prefer soundbars or full external surround sound speaker systems. This price drop will bring the Sony UHD line priced considerably lower than Samsung (which will formally introduce its UDHTVs today to the press),  LG and Toshiba.

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The Samsung models are currently priced at $5497.99 at Amazon Direct for the 55-inch and $7497.99 for the  65-Inch . We expect Samsung, which officially launched it 55 and 65-inch models last week at dealers and will show them to the press today in New York City, to quickly react with its own price drop.

The new Sony models to launch later this month will be priced at $3499.99 for the 55-inch and $4999.99 for the 65-inch.

Samsung and Sony promise an upgrade path for their respective UHDTVs when new HDMI standards appear later this year or early 2014.

According to CED “Sony spokeswoman Elizabeth Boukis confirmed the 100 (UDD) titles as a year-end target, and said that the library would include the latest releases from the Spider-Man and Evil Dead franchises. The 4K content will be from Sony Pictures Entertainment and “other notable production houses,” she said. “We expect the service to offer around 80 feature films by early 2014, including select new release films from Sony Pictures,” Boukis said. “It will also have TV content including the Breaking Bad series and select work from independent filmmakers.”

HD Guru predicted price significant price adjustments for UHDTV will continue through the holiday selling season. For more information on UHDTV, read our tech articles here and here.


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