According to an industry source citing an unconfirmed report in the trade publication, Consumer Electronics Daily, Sony will be dropping the price of its leader Blu-ray player (BDP-S350) by $100, bringing the retail price to $299 on Sept 28, 2008.

In addition, Sony’s step-up Blu-ray model the BDP-S550, will be delayed in the US till mid Oct. 08 and be introduced at $399, a reduction of $100 from its previously announced price.

The source (citing CE Daily) says another Blu-ray maker, Funai and its labeled brands (which include Philips/Magnavox, Sylvania and Insignia) will drop the retail price of their players $50 to $249 in late Sept. 08 as well.

Since their introduction, Sony has been selling its free-standing Blu-ray players at or above the $399 price of its entry level Blu-ray equipped PS3 gaming system.

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