Sony To Drop Blu-Ray Player Pricing In September-Other Makers To Follow

August 23rd, 2008 · 12 Comments · Blu-ray Players


According to an industry source citing an unconfirmed report in the trade publication, Consumer Electronics Daily, Sony will be dropping the price of its leader Blu-ray player (BDP-S350) by $100, bringing the retail price to $299 on Sept 28, 2008.

In addition, Sony’s step-up Blu-ray model the BDP-S550, will be delayed in the US till mid Oct. 08 and be introduced at $399, a reduction of $100 from its previously announced price.

The source (citing CE Daily) says another Blu-ray maker, Funai and its labeled brands (which include Philips/Magnavox, Sylvania and Insignia) will drop the retail price of their players $50 to $249 in late Sept. 08 as well.

Since their introduction, Sony has been selling its free-standing Blu-ray players at or above the $399 price of its entry level Blu-ray equipped PS3 gaming system.

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  • oz

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  • Bill

    In the meantime, there’s a Blu-Ray burner for PC going for about $150.

  • Brian

    Hmm. A little too late IMO. Should of happened earlier this year/late last year. I rent Blu-rays don’t/won’t buy them for my PS3. I own over 400 dvds and cd’s each and I’ll never invest that much into any media format again.
    When the video downloading era kicks in I’ll fully embrace it, until then I’ll continue to rent and only buy the must have titles which are very few and far between. And those I get as gifts.

    my 2 cents

  • speepy

    very interesting, very. Indeed.

  • jeff

    Well, the BDP-s550 is available for preorder at $499, so it wasn’t introduced at $399 as predicted.

  • shopper

    Well crap! I was hoping to pick up the BDP-S350 this weekend! Well, actually I was looking at the s350 repackaged as the BX1. It’s cheaper and includes an HDMI cable and backlit remote. Guess I need to wait another month now.

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    […] Sony will be dropping the prices on its standalone (non-PlayStation 3) Blu-ray players by $100 in September, according to an anonymous source cited by CE insider Gary Merson at his HD Guru Web site. Around the same time, the source claims that budget players manufactured by Funai and sold under the labels Philips, Magnavox, Sylvania, and Insignia could drop as low as $249. Specifically, the Sony BDP-S350 would drop from $400 to $300, and the as-yet-unreleased step-up model, the BDP-S550, would be introduced at $400, instead of the $500 price that was previously announced. […]

  • Snark

    Slappy – hypocrite.


    I love the comments…..
    We really dont care if you think something is “interesting”. But for some reason you find it necessary to make a post even when you have no comment.

  • dlpdude

    This definitely makes sense. If Sony wants wider adaption of their platform their are going to have to drive costs down to the point where it makes sense to own a player, and then buy the discs.

  • Charlie Z

    Hmmm… just bought one on Saturday. Wonder if I’ll have to take it back and repurchase it in a few days just to get the price guarantee, or whether they’ll just give it to me. $100 is $100!

  • TV Snob

    Sony Cutting BDP-S350 Blu-ray Player Price By $100: Rumor

    The HD Guru, citing an unconfirmed report, says Sony will drop the price of its flagship BDP-S350 Blu-ray player by an impressive $100, bringing the price down to $299 as of September 28. Whether or not that’s a permanent pricepoint…

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