Anyone interested in getting one of the top performing large-screen 4K Ultra HDTVs on the market might want to quickly jump at Sony’s 77-inch Bravia A1E televisions, now available at a $10,000 savings while supplies last.

The company recently introduced a major price break for the 77A1E, which is retailing for $7,998, down from the original $17,998, just in time for the holiday selling season.

The jumbo 4K OLED TV is one of the largest offered by Sony in the technology. It provides very deep black levels, wide accurate colors, advanced tone mapping and Sony’s famously realistic upscaling and video noise reduction. It also does a masterful job with HDR.

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Its unique titled tabletop design and acoustic-surface sound system that turns the screen into a vibrating stereo speaker system, wowed audiences at CES, when the series made its debut in 2017. (See picture from CES 2017 at top).

Keep in mind, this is an earlier 4K OLED version than Sony’s A8F and recently introduced 2018 Master Series A9F 4K OLED models, but the picture and sound performance are none-the-less impressive, and now offered at a comparative bargain for a very large screen size.

This is a holiday gift that will send any tech-centric loved one to the moon and back.

See the Sony 77A1E at this link.


By Greg Tarr


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