(April 30, 2010)  Recently, six HD Guru readers complained that Sony reneged on its offer to replace their defective SXRD rear projection HDTVs with a new 55″ KDL55HX701 for $550. Our original article (link) and comments attached to it explains the saga.

The SXRD owners claim Sony made a replacement offer, charged their credit card, waited until they received the mailed in serial number tag and then, days later, reneged on the original offer, instead offering a less expensive, smaller screen size substitute for the same $550, offered on a “take it or leave it” basis!

The replacement offer stems from a defect in Sony’s SXRD rear projectors that causes the screen’s image to turn yellow. Sony originally settled a series of class action lawsuits filed because of the defect, by extending the factory warranty and offering free replacement of the TVs “optical block” containing the troublesome SXRD chip.

However, SXRD owners continued to complain because the replacement “optical blocks” failed over time as well. It appears Sony never solved the inherent chip problem that caused the image yellowing in the first place. Sony withdrew all its SXRD rear projectors from the US market in early 2008.

We contacted a Sony representative and asked for an official response to readers’ charges that they were baited by a very generous replacement deal, and then switched to a less expensive TV, with Sony claiming that with the 55″ models no longer available, the original deal was off the table.

A Sony spokesperson says this is a misunderstanding and a misstatement of both fact and the companies intention to make good on its promise. The spokesperson claimed that due to the popularity of Sony’s 2010 Bravia flat panel LCD TVs, they continue to run out of their allocation of 55″ replacement sets. The spokesperson added that customers need to wait a few weeks for restocking inventories. Here is Sony’s official response.

“Sony is committed to delivering customer satisfaction.  Please contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to discuss a satisfactory solution. ”

HD Guru asks all affected SXRD set owners to contact Sony as soon as possible to resolve their disputes and let us know what happened by commenting below to let our readers know if Sony is now providing a satisfactory solution.

Edited By Michael Fremer

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