Sony’s Bravia 4K UHD OLED 8F series ups picture quality ante in 2018.

Sony Electronics unveiled at CES 2018 Monday two new and expanded series of 4K Ultra HDTVs including the X900F Bravia 4K LED-LCD TV series and the A8F Bravia 4K OLED series.

Both series were said to have been designed to make the best use of 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) content and improves SD and HD content to near 4K HDR quality using a combination of a new picture processor and panel control technologies.

“Building on the great successes of the X900 and OLED TV series, we are further expanding the choices for consumers by introducing the new X900F LED and A8F OLED TV models,” said Mike Fasulo, Sony Electronics North America president and COO.

Read more about the Sony 2018 4K TV lines from CES 2018 after the jump:

The new A8F series is said to build upon last year’s A1E 4K OLED TV series that featured the unique 4K HDR picture Processor X1 Extreme and Acoustic Surface technology, with improved sound and picture quality.

The A8F series, which will include the 55- and 65-inch screen sizes, features even better black levels, with rich colors and wide viewing angles, that are characteristic of OLED technology.

The X1 Extreme controls the milliond of pixels and extends the capability of OLED for an advanced 4K HDR picture.

The X1 Extreme processor is used in tandem of an assortment of Sony technologies to improve image quality for native 4K to lower-resolution SD content. These technologies include HDR remaster, Super Bit Mapping, 4K HDR and Dual database processing. The sets also present a expanded color gamut through Sony’s Triluminos Display technology that optimizes color accuracy.

Othe features include 4K X-Reality PRO for enhanced detail using a proprietary algorithm of reality creation database for any content.

On-board sound continues to be exciting in the second-gen OLED series. Unlike conventional LED, where the sound emanates from the bottom or sides, the A8F enables a fusion of image and sound, with voices appearing to come directly from the characters’ mouths and explosions directly from the action on the screen.

When combined with an OLED panel the A8F series is said to offer a dynamic visual and aural experience from any viewing position.

Meanwhile, Sony said it is reacting to customer demand for larger screen sizes, by expanding the model assortment in the popular 4K Ultra HD LED-LCD X900F TV series.

The new premium series will include screen sizes of 85-, 75-, 65-, 55- and 49-inches in 2018. These will all incorporate the aforementioned X1 Extreme processor for what Sony said is brilliant picture quality.

To better manage image blur in fast moving scenes, the X900F series includes a new technology called X-Motion Clarity. Sony said this technology uses Sony’s proprietary direct back-lit LED panel local dimming algorithm to control the luminance and optimize its duration.

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Additionally, Sony said Dolby Vision HDR will be supported on the A8F and X900F series as well as previously announced 2017 models.

The X900F series was also designed to match Sony’s new Dolby Atmos soundbar, model HT-X9000F.

Sony 2018 Android TVs also have Google Assistant built-in, allowing users to simply speak commands to the TV and have it perform program search and discovery functions to access desirable content. The system also provides voice control of other smart home devices through a Sony TV.

The Google Assistant on Sony TV is activated by pushing a button on the TV’s remote control to trigger the built-in microphone. Sony said this allows users to seamlessly playback content, search for content, play music, stream photos, control their TV, control their smart home devices and find general information, such as weather forecasts, traffic conditions, fast facts and many other tasks. The Sony Android TV also works with popular smart speakers
such as the Sony LF-S50G, Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Sony said pricing and availability on all of the new TV models will be announced later.


By Greg Tarr


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