Sony formally announced Monday U.S. pricing and availability for many of its 2023 4K LED-LCD and 4K OLED-based television models.

As previously reported, Sony’s 2023 4K OLED models will once again be split between QD-OLED (hybrid Red and Green Quantum Dot converters with Blue-OLED self-lit panels) and traditional White OLED models, with the former positioned as the flagship technology.

The LCD TV model series are divided between Mini-LED sets and more traditional full-array LED-backlit LCD models.

Once again all models will incorporate the Google TV smart user interface and underlying Android TV OS to present a large library of streaming TV app services.

Many of this year’s models will feature Sony’s updated Cognitive Processor XR with new XR Clear Image on select models to improve noise reduction while sharpening clarity in motion images.

Advanced Sony TVs also access the company’s Bravia Core streaming movie service with greater bit rates that can be more effectively used with the sets’ internal AI processing for more natural appearing images.

Sony also includes in some models this year its Acoustic Center Sync technology that synchronizes the TV’s audio system with of a compatible Sony soundbar. This will turn the TV’s speakers and soundbar speaker into a fuller center channel to complement the various soundbar drivers for a more expansive and immersive surround sound experience with clear dialog.

Most premium TV model series this year also support advanced gaming features including a new Game Menu that enables quick access to Variable Refresh Rates (VRR), targeting crosshairs and other attributes. A new Eco Dashboard will also allow viewing TV settings power consumption optimization.

2023 Sony OLED TVs


Sony’s A95L and A80L OLED Google TVs will access the company’s unique Bravia Core streaming service to access a selection of movies from Sony Pictures up to 80 Mbps bitrate with IMAX Enhanced aspect ratio, DTS audio and plans for Dolby Atmos.

The Sony A95L 4K QD-OLED series this year is seated at the top of the brand range, featuring the new 77-inch screen size joining 65- and 55-inch versions. The series is only one in the Sony assortment this year to include a new Multi-View picture-in-picture feature enabling watching multiple input sources on screen at one time.

All models will also support Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Chromecast, Calman Ready auto calibration, Bravia Cam, and other features.

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Pricing and availability on these models will be announced later.

Sony Bravia A80L 4K WOLED TV Series

Stepping down, the 2023 Sony A80L 4K UHD White OLED TV series be available in 83-, 77-, 65- and 55-inch screen sizes. The 83-inch model’s speaker system can be used as the center channel in a multi-channel speaker surround sound system, working in tandem with a Sony soundbar that supports the company’s Acoustic Center Sync feature.

Pre-orders will be taken in June on the 83-inch, and on May 15th for the rest of the line at prices listed below:

• 83-inch: $5,499.99 suggested retail (pre-orders accepted in June)
• 77-inch: $3,599.99 (pre-orders accepted May 15th)
• 65-inch: $2,599.99 (pre-orders accepted May 15th)
• 55-inch: $1,899.99 (pre-orders accepted May 15th)

2023 LED and Mini-LED Backlit LCD TVs

Sony X93L 4K FALD Mini-LED TV

Sony’s 2023 Mini-LED LCD TV models are highlighted by the Bravia XR X95L 4K HDR Full Array LED LCD TV series.

Bravia XR X95L 4K HDR Full-Array Mini-LED TV

The Sony Bravia 4K 85-inch X95L Mini-LED TV (pictured at top) brings some of the company’s best performance in HDR picture brightness and contrast ratio coverage, using the power of the latest Cognitive Processor XR to control and drive thousands of mini-LEDs.

The television’s XR Backlight Master Drive system fine tunes the picture for deep, detail blacks and natural color reproduction in movies and well as live video coverage. The set futher improves the purity of the image, reducing noise while intelligently upscaling lower resolution content to near-4K resolution with XR Clear Image and XR 4K Upscaling technology. The set further offers Acoustic Multi-Audio+ and support for Dolby Atmos using built-in frame tweeters that vibrate the TV frame to produce wider, elevated sound.

U.S. pricing and availability:

• 85-inch: $5,799.99 suggested retail (pre-orders accepted May 8th)

Bravia XR X93L 4K HDR Full-Array Mini-LED LCD TVs

The Sony Bravia XR X93L 4K HDR Mini-LED TV series features include offers fewer LEDs than X95L series but still produces strong brightness and contrast performance using the new Cognitive Processor XR to power the XR Backlight Master Drive system to control the thousands of mini-LEDs to produce elevated peak brightness and inky dark shadow details. The sets also build in expansive sound from integrated sound positioning speakers. Screen sizes include 85-, 75- and 65-inches, and pre-orders are being taken starting today.

U.S. pricing:

• 85-inch: $4,999.99 suggested retail
• 75-inch: $3,299.99
• 65-inch: $2,399.99

Bravia XR X90L 4K HDR Full-Array LED LCD TVs


The Sony X90L 4K full-array LED-LCD TV series also uses the power of the the intelligent Cognitive Processor XR, driving the set’s XR Contrast Booster system to accurately control LED dimming zones to expand the contrast to present inky detailed blacks and elevated peak brightness. The sets offer HDMI 2.1 inputs 4K/120fps with Variable Refresh Rate and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) gaming features for convenient, competitive smooth gameplay. The series offers a full range of screen sizes from 55- to 98-inches.

U.S. pricing and availability:

• 98-inches: $9,999.99 suggested retail (pre-orders accepted in July)
• 85-inches: $3,299.99 (pre-orders accepted June)
• 75-inches: $2,199.99 (pre-orders accepted June)
• 65-inches: $1,599.99 (pre-orders accepted June)
• 55-inches: $1,299.99 (pre-orders accepted June)

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