Sony Electronics formally released pricing and availability on its 2022 TV lineup for North America Monday, highlighted by new 4K OLED televisions and the company’s first Mini LED backlit LCD TV models.

The highly anticipated TV lineup will be powered by Sony’s latest Cognitive XR processors offering advanced AI video and sound processing for realistic-appearing pictures and sound for home viewing.

This year’s models all feature HDMI 2.1 ports and features in addition to PlayStation 5 integration (including ALLM and HGiG).

For sound, Sony will continue to use its enhanced Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology for OLED models and Acoustic Multi-Audio for LED backlit LCD models. These applications are designed to line up the position of the sound with the images on the screen so that sounds and dialog seem to follow people and objects around as they move within the frame. The lineup also includes new features that customize and enhance at-home entertainment, including one of the first implementations of Netflix Adaptive and Calibrated Mode, which automatically adjusts image processing based on ambient light, so users’ favorite shows and films look as the creator intended, under changing room lighting conditions, the company said.

Additionally, Sony’s new Bravia Core/Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode will automatically adjust the image quality on screen to better align with the filmmaker’s original vision.

Bravia Core is a Sony streaming content service designed to deliver special higher quality images and sound using the television’s Cognitive XR Processing and IMAX Enhanced picture and sound processing and content. The video service is included with eligible TV models to access a range of new releases and classic films, including the largest IMAX Enhanced movie collection and lossless UHD quality content with Pure Stream.

Most of Sony’s 2022 models also include built-in tuners for ATSC 3.0 NextGen TV tuning, and provide a wide complement of the latest advanced gaming features.

The new models include the following:

Bravia XR Master Series Z9K 8K Mini LED TVs

Sony’s flagship series (pictured at top) uses the company’s most powerful Cognitive Processor XR chip optimized for upscaling content of all resolution levels to the best abilities of the new 8K Mini LED LCD panel and back lighting architecture. The Z9K offers details and texture on screen in a way that presents 3D-like qualities. The thousands of Mini LEDs in the full-array backlighting system are precisely controlled by the company’s proprietary XR Backlight Master Drive for very high level contrast and brightness performance from standard and high dynamic range content, including support for the HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG HDR formats.

As with all 2022 models, Sony includes the latest implementation of Google TV to makes it easy to find the most popular streaming apps, movies and programs from a large collection of available apps in the app store, and the sets include a robust suite of advanced gaming features.

Models include the following:

• 85-inch $9,999.99 suggested retail price (available to pre-order this summer).
• 75-inch $6,999.99 (available to pre-order this summer).

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Bravia XR Master Series A95K 4K OLED TVs

Sony’s 65-inch Bravia XR 65A95K 4K QD-OLED TV.

This Sony’s first 4K OLED series to use the new quantum dot OLED (QD-OLED) hybrid panel technology that produces both a blue self-emitting OLED light enhanced with red and green quatum dot converters for a very bright and colorful picture with wide viewing angles, ultra-thin panel design and highly bright picture. The company has adapted its Cognitive Processor XR to the new technology to produce a wide color gamut, high color volume and pure black contrast.

The also features the Google TV smart TV platform, with an assortment of AI voice control platforms, and a range of the latest high performance gaming features.

Models include:

• 65-inch $3,999.99 (available for pre-order in June).
• 55-inch $2,999.99 (available for pre-order in June).

Bravia XR X95K 4K Mini LED TVs

This is Sony’s flagship 4K Mini LED LCD TV series that is good for viewing either lit or dark room conditions. It too is equipped with the Cognitive Processor XR processor and utilizes Sony’s XR Backlight Master Drive to control the thousands of high-density Mini LEDs in the full-array backlighting system. Lighting zones are precisely controlled to for exceptionally bright and deep black high dynamic range.

Included are: Google TV OS and advanced gaming features.

Pricing is as follows:

• 85-inch $5,499.99 (available to purchase now).
• 75-inch $3,799.99 (available to purchase now).
65-inch $2,799.99 (available to purchase now).

Bravia XR Master Series A90K 4K OLED TVs

This is Sony’s class of smaller screen size 4K OLED TVs optimized especially for gaming experiences, among other traditional viewing experiences. It is based on the more traditional White OLED panel technology. Sony includes its XR OLED Contrast Pro system to boost color and contrast in bright areas for pure blacks and peak brightness. Also included is the Cognitive Processor XR for advanced picture and sound optimization and with gaming features included in HDMI 2.1.

Pricing and availability is as follows:

• 48-inch $1,499.99 (available to pre-order in June).
• 42-inch $1,399.99 (available to pre-order in July).

Bravia XR A80K 4K OLED TVs

This class of 4K OLED TVs feature larger screen sizes, that is nice for movie, sports and TV shows, along with an advanced built-in sound experience. Sony includes its 4K OLED TV Cognitive Processor XR, Google TV and host of gaming features.

Pricing and availability are as follows:

• 77-inch $3,799.99 (available to pre-order in May).
• 65-inch $2,499.99 (available to pre-order in May).
• 55-inch $1,999.99 (available to pre-order in June).

Bravia XR X90K 4K LED TVs

Sony’s Full Array LED, powered by Cognitive Processor XR, enhances the dynamic range of the picture to reproduce realistic contrast and bring beauty to everything the user can watch. Movies and games come to life with immersive detail and contrast.

US pricing and availability details:

• 85-inch $3,299.99 (available to pre-order in May).
• 75-inch $2,199.99 (available to pre-order in June).
• 65-inch $1,599.99 (available to pre-order in May).
• 55-inch $1,399.99 (available to pre-order in May).

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By Greg Tarr

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