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Sony has announced their 2015 lineup of 4K TVs, and a new 4K projector.

The new lines expand on last year’s offerings, which were well reviewed (by us and others).

All the info after the jump.

At the top of the line is the XBR X930, which will come in a 65-inch model. A similar 75-inch model will be called the X940C. Like last year’s X900B, the 930 and 940 will have “powerful front-facing speakers”.

The 75-inch has Sony’s X-tended Dynamic Range Pro HDR local dimming backlight tech. The 65 has the slightly less elaborate X-tended Dynamic Range (no Pro).

There’s a new processor inside, which Sony is calling the X1, which they say “improves color accuracy, contrast, and clarity of HD and 4K video”.

Perhaps most interesting is support for Google’s Android TV OS. This will allow some gaming and voice searches through the remote.

The X930C is a TRILUMINOS display, though what this means is unclear. Two years ago this meant quantum dots. Last year they dropped the dots.

No pricing (of course), but availability should be sometime this spring.

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X900C and X910C

Next, also available in the spring, is the XBR X900C series, which will come in 55- and 65-inch flavors. A similar 75-inch model is called the X910X. Sony hasn’t given the model numbers specifically, but it’s a fair guess they’ll be something like XBR-55X900C.

The X900C is Sony’s “thinnest” LED LCD so far (a trend you’ll see with other manufacturers. It’s 4.9mm (0.192 inches). It’s “virtually frameless.”

The other features are the same as the X930C models, including Triluminos, but lacking either version of the X-tended Dynamic Range. Though not mentioned with the X930C (but probably included), the X900C has GoogleCast built in.

X850C and X830C

At the bottom of Sony’s 4K offerings is the XBR-X850C and X830X lines. The X850C will come in 55-, 65-, and 75-inch versions. They’ll feature the X1 processor and Triluminos. The X830C will come in 43- and 49-inch models. They’ll still have the X1, no Triluminos, but add Google Android TV.

They’ll be available in the spring too.


The VPL-VW350ES is a new 4K projector, likely very similar to the VW300 Europe got a few months ago. It features 4K resolution (yes, pedants, “real” 4K at 4,096×2160) and 1,500 lumens. Powered zoom and lens shift for both vertical (+85%, -80) and horizontal (+-31%).

There will be a low input-lag game mode (though Sony displays are usually pretty good on that front).

Interestingly, Sony’s claiming the 350ES features Triluminos tech. Whether this means the projector is using LEDs, laser, or just a marketing term, we’ll have to find out later.

There are two HDMI inputs, though only one is compatible with HDCP 2.2. That one can do 2160p/60 (in 4:2:0/8-bit garb).

It’s even 3D for the dozen or so of you who care.

Unlike the TVs, we’ve got availability AND pricing: This month, for around $10k.


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