Sony announced yesterday, on the eve of the IFA 2009 electronics show in Germany,  it will be offering 3D HDTVs for sale in 2010! Sony plans to market a series of its Bravia LCD HDTVs as well as 3D capable Blu-ray products, 3D capable VAIO computers, digital cameras  and updated 3D capable version of its PlayStation3 (PS3D) gaming console.

The Sony announcement follows on the heels of Panasonic’s commitment to the sale of 3D plasma HDTVs and Blu-ray players in 2010 (Link). Sony accompanied its  press release with a 3D promotional video (Link) which includes mock ups of 2010 3D products.

Like Panasonic’s 3D plasmas, the Sony LCD HDTVs will make use of active 3D shutter glasses to provide “Full” HD 1920×1080 images with 120 Hz refresh (60 Hz per eye).

In addition to the Sony release, the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) announced at IFA yesterday, it will be supporting “Full” HD 3D and require 3D Blu-ray discs  contain a 2D version of the title to make all future 3D discs compatible with all current 2D Blu-ray players and HDTVs.

Here is an excerpt of its press release.

“The BDA intends to take full advantage of the format’s high bandwidth and capacity to achieve the very highest possible quality 3D experience,” said Victor Matsuda, Blu-ray Disc Association Global Promotions Committee Chair.  “Just as Blu-ray Disc has paved the way for next generation, high definition home entertainment, it will also set the standard for 3D home viewing in the future.”

The BDA, comprised of major motion picture studio, IT and consumer electronics companies, is working on a uniform specification to ensure consistent delivery of 3D content across the Blu-ray Disc Platform.  The Association is examining a number of criteria and at a minimum, the specification will require delivery of 1080p resolution to each eye and backward compatibility for both discs and players, meaning that 3D discs will also include a 2D version of the film that can be viewed on existing 2D players and 3D players will enable consumers to playback their existing libraries of 2D content.

“Consumer adoption of Blu-ray continues to grow at a very steady pace,” said Bob Chapek, President, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.  “The 3D theatrical market has been very successful this year.  We are just now seeing all of the true capabilities of 3D and with Blu-ray Disc’s superior technical characteristics, as well as the broad industry support of the format, it makes it the ideal packaged media platform for 3D home entertainment.”

With a Blu-ray standard being finalized and the commitment of consumer electronics giants Sony and Panasonic, the HD GURU® expects other 3D product announcements at next week’s CEDIA trade show in Atlanta, GA and at the CEATEC Consumer Electronics Show Japan opening October 6, 2009. The HD GURU® will be attending both shows to provide the best coverage for our readers.

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