Sony and Samsung Ultra HDTV Final 2013 Close-out Deals

March 27th, 2014 · 6 Comments · 3D HDTV, 4K LED LCD, Connected TVs, News, UHDTV

Samsung UN65F9000  angle 580

Update 3/30/14- These Deals are Now Live

According to industry sources, Sony and Samsung plan to launch their best deals ever on 2013 model year Ultra HDTVs. The dealer incentives will start this Sunday. The specials are on the Samsung F9000 series and select Sony XBR850A and XBR900A UHDTVs, all with 3840 x 2160 resolution (four times higher than HDTV).

The details appear after the break.

Samsung will use dealer incentives to drop the price of its 2013 UHD model UN55F9000 to $2497.99 this Sunday . Originally priced at $5500, the 55F9000 is currently $2997.99. Its 2014 replacement is the curved screen UN55HU9000 which you can pre-order now from Amazon direct for $3997.99.

The 65-inch 2013 version, the UN65F9000 will be $3497.99 this Sunday, down $500 from the current price of $3997.99.

If you purchase the F9000 and buy the 2014 OneConnect box in the future, all functions including Smart TV features,  GUI and signal processing will be updated to match Samsung 2014 UHDTV  functionality, along with input updates for HDMI 2.0, HEVC and HDCP 2.2.  The 2014 Samsung OneConnect Box will sell for $399 in late Spring.

The $500 “instant rebate runs until May or until supplies run out.

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Starting this Sunday March 30th, Sony is offering its $700 FMP-X1 4K Ultra HD Media Player free with the purchase either its 2013 65-inch XBR65X850A for $3998.00 or the 2013 65-inch XBR-65X900A for $4498.00. The FMP-X1 is compatible with either model. The deal run until May or while supplies last.

2014 UHD Release Dates

If you are waiting for the 2014 Sony Ultra HD (4K) models, our sources revealed the release dates as follows:

XBR-55X900B (55-inch) ;XBR-65X900B (65-inch) April 28th

XBR-65X950B (65-inch) May 12th

XBR-55X850B (55-inch),X BR-65X850B (65-inch) May 26th


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  • Ryan


    Any word on when Samsung will release information on its 2014 Evolution Kit? Thanks in advance for all the updates you provide.

    It’s a few posts down here

    We list the price and model number. The HD Evolution kit coverts your 201x Samsung in 2014 Smart functionality and GUI. The 2014 One Connect for UHDTVs adds HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, HEVC decoding, Purcolor and depth featured on the 2014 H9000 series.

    HD Guru

  • ANEW

    @ Samurai Milpitas in Silicon Valley and Santana Row. They had it as the display tv in the Magnolia center.

  • samurai

    Where did you see the 65″ f9000 @ best buy? I just check all mine and they are seem to be sold out now.

  • ANEW

    And the 8550 doesnt have a camera. Only way to use voice gesture is with the remote, no.built in mic.

    The camera for the 8550 and most Samsung Smart TVs is the VG-STC4000. It will be available in April for $100. It provides single hand motion control and face and finger recognition as well as 1080p Skype calls. And “Comes with a lens cover for privacy protection” (from Samsung press handout).

    HD Guru

  • ANEW

    Sounds like a better way to go than getting H8550. Saw the F9000 at bestbuy 65″ and it looked awesome

  • Samurai

    So if one got the UN65F9000, I would have to get the new one connect box to get the Netflix decoder streaming? Would a UN65F9000 with new one connect box be better than just getting the new UN65H8550?

    According to a Samsung spokesperson the 2014 OneConnect box contains all of the signal processing, Smart functionality and inputs found in the 2014 HU9000 series product, thereby upgrading the F9000 to the UH9000 with the exception of the curved screen. The box also includes Samsung’s Auto depth enhancer and PurColor, two features not found on the H8550.

    HD Guru

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