For those interested in the latest “lens-to-living room” developments in 4K UHD picture performance at the source of content creation, Sony Electronics’ professional products unit announced Monday the availability of a pair of LCD-based high-grade 4K HDR monitors in its “TRIMASTER” assortment.

Sony is recognized as one of the leaders in producing professional matering monitor for Hollywood. In the past, Sony’s BVM-X300 V2 Full HD 4K OLED-based mastering monitor has been the industry benchmark in wide use for Hollywood color and HDR grading. But more recently, filmmakers have been moving to or adding display technologies capable of brighter images with less risk of burn-in. These also offer sample images that are truer to the way they will appear in the majority of consumer living rooms, where LED-LCD technology still prevails.

These pro-level monitors, which will be available starting in July (pricing was not disclosed), can be of interest to some consumer-level enthusiasts, because Sony and other TV manufacturers use them in developing and tuning their mainstream TVs and displays to best match the intent of the content creators.

The new pro-level LCD monitors, which have compact sizes ideal for portable use on-set, include the 24-inch PVM-X2400 and the 18.4-inch PVM-X1800 professional 4K HDR LCD monitors. Sony said that both units were developed to “set new standards in professional monitor performance,” and were first unveiled at the BSC Expo 2020 in London.

Both monitors are said to provide high picture quality and accurate color reproduction using Sony specified 4K Ultra HD LCD panels. They are listed as outputting 1000 nits peak all-white luminance and support a wide color gamut covering DCI-P3 and other color gamut patterns to match the extremely high capability of the Sony BVM-HX310 TRIMASTER HX LED-LCD master monitor, which is widely used for in-studio monitoring and other applications. Sony assured both monitors support accurate color reproduction and precise grayscale.

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Sony said these tools will produce a reliably accurate picture on the shoot to “enable filmmakers to make critical imaging decisions and faithful color matching throughout the workflow.”

In addition to on-set monitoring, the compact size and high portability of both monitors allows expanding footprints in 4K HDR production, including versatile applications such as non-linear video editing, studio wall monitoring, and rack-mount monitoring in OB trucks or machine rooms, Sony said.

The TRIMASTER design architecture used in each monitor is optimized for accurate picture reproduction, precise imaging and quality picture consistency, Sony said. The monitor offers advantages in panel control and signal processing including fast processing, accurate linearizing of an input signal with Optical Electrical Transfer Function (OETF), accurate color reproduction, and other benefits.

The monitors also feature new Black Detail High/Mid/Low, which helps maintain accurate color reproduction by reducing the brightness of the backlight to reproduce the correct colors and gradations in low-luminance areas, the company said.
Another new function called, Dynamic Contrast Drive (very useful for nigh-scene shooting), dynamically changes backlight luminance to adapt to each scene or frame when transferring images from PVM-X2400/X1800 to existing Sony OLED monitors. This functionality allows filmmakers to check the highlight and low light balance of the contents with both bright and dark scenes.

Key listed features of the new reference monitors include:

TRIMASTER technology to produce precise grayscale and accurate color reproduction, achieving 100% color gamut coverage of the industry-leading BVM-HX310 master monitor.

4K 3840×2160 pixel resolution and HDR capabilities.

-DC 24V operation for outfield use will very high luminance.

-New Black Detail High/Mid/Low to reproduce the correct colors and gradations in low-luminance areas

-Dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 by Dynamic Contrast Drive, a new backlight driving system that dynamically changes the backlight luminance to adapt for each frame of a scene

-4K/HD scopes with HDR scales that are Waveform/Vector Quad View display and User 3D LUT functionality 12G/6G/3G/HD-SDI with auto configuration. Compatibility includes input from the latest 12G-SDI devices as well as quad-link 3G-SDI and a single HD-SDI traditional devices. It is equipped with the HDMI input interface supporting 640×480/60P PC signal to 4096 x 2160/60P 4:2:2 YCBCR 12 bit video.

By Greg Tarr

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