Sony introduced today a pair of high-performance Action Cams in the new flagship 4K FDR-X3000R that features an updated version of the company’s Balanced Optical Steady Shot (BOSS) function and the similarly configured Full HD HDR-AS300R model.

Both Action Cams are said to deliver the smoothest and most stable images yet produced from the popular Sony Action Cam series and add an updated ZEISS Tessar lens with reduced distortion from prior models.

The Sony X3000 Action Cam will carry a $399.95 suggested retail for the body only or $549.95 suggested retail for the body bundled with a separate Live View Remote (LVR) starting September 26th. The HDR-AS300R will carry a $299.95 suggested retail for the body only or $449.95 for the camera and LVR.

The LVR features intuitive control operation of the camera with a built-in compact live monitor that can be mounted or worn separately from the camera.

The 4K Action Cams include Sony’s 8.57 megapixel back-illuminated Exmor R image sensor and Bionz X video processing circuitry for clear, colorful images. The cameras use the XAVC S compression format that produces up to 100Mbps high bit rate 4K images (in the X3000) and HD images at rates of up to 50 Mbps.

The new cameras utilize full pixel readout without pixel binning technology to produce exceptionally high resolution and accurate colors, Sony said.

One of the highlights of the cameras is the new BOSS system, which was designed so both lens elements and the image sensor move together in compensation for camera movement and shake to produce what Sony calls “never before seen perfect stabilization.”

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The aforementioned LVR LCD monitor can be worn like a wrist watch to keep track of images being recorded and make adjustments from the wearer’s wrist or other convenient mounting location. The LVR features full camera control using wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections for camera control and on/off operation, respectively.

In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, the camers include NFC for easy connection with supporting wireless smart devices.

In Zoom mode, the LVR or PlayMemories Mobile app will control the cameras’ 3x smooth zoom function, which is fully operational while recording. Zoom and angle control can both be operated at the same time.

Alternatively, when in Angle mode, the picture orientation angle can also be changed with less image degradation using three settings for Wide (1x), Normal (1.4x) and Narrow (2x). Medium and Narrow are not available in 4K or high-speed recording.

The LVR has a new compact design that is easily mountable for simple camera operation from a variety of positions and mounting locations.

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The on-camera readout features the same popular user interface as current Action Cams, but adds a rich readout with a dot-matrix panel, icon-based list menu and settings indicator.

The LVR power operation allows saving battery power in the X3000R as much as 10 percent over the GoPro Hero 4, Sony said.

The Action Cams support a new Time-Lapse Recording feature with 8.3-megapixel interval recording that will capture 4K recordings using PC-based Action Cam Movie Creator software or in Full HD using an Action Cam smart device app.

Both the X3000R and AS300R can also shoot up to 120p frame rates in Full HD (X3000R) or HD (AS300R) resolution for high quality slow motion footage.

A new and improved Highlight Movie Maker allows improvement in auto-tagging with face detection functionality. With Face Detection available, an improved algorithm eliminates the need to set the “Mount” menu to “Body” or “Others” any longer.

The X3000R and AS300R each have a built-in stereo mic with wind noise reduction to reduce the impact of wind interference, and are equipped with stereo microphone input for more advanced recording.

The cameras also carry over features popular with current models including: loop recording, high-speed recording, manual setting, USTREAM live streaming, up to 10 fps still-frame bursting shooting, and Motion Shot LE, which captures traces of a moving subject in one still image.

The X3000 Action Cam will capture up to 12 MP still images and the AS300R will capture up to 8.2 MP stills.

The X3000 and AS300R Action Cameras ship with an underwater housing, MPK-UWH1 (water tight to 60 meters), which has a flat lens to ensure sharp image quality. The case also protects the camera from dust, drops and inclement weather.

By Greg Tarr


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