Sony 2014 HDTV Prices Leaked

February 5th, 2014 · 6 Comments · 3D HDTV, LED LCD Flat Panels, News

Sony XBR65X950B 580Updated- 2/7/14-More retail prices added

It’s that time of year again. New model television prices have begun to appear. The first are Sony’s 2014 HDTV models. They off freshened styling, improved performance  and better audio. Learn the prices, screen sizes and main features  of new models after the break.

Sony KDL60W630B_main_v580


KDL-40W600B 40-inch $499.99

KDL-48W600B 48-inch $649.99

KDL-60W630B 60-inch $2299.99

Color, clarity & detail  with X-Reality PRO, Motionflow XR 240 (probably 120 Hz with scanning backlit-ed), loud, clear surround sound and dialogue with Clear Audio+, built-in Wi-Fi and customize shortcuts for quick access to online videos.

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Sony KDL50W800B  580


KDL-50W800B 50-inch $1399.99

KDL-55W800B 55-inch $1699.99

X-Reality PRO,Motionflow XR 480, loud, clearer surround sound and dialogue with Clear Audio+, streaming HD with built-in Wi-Fi, customized shortcuts for quick access to online videos and 3D.

Sony KDL70W850B 580


KDL-60W850B 60-inch $2299.99

KDL-70W850B 70-inch $2899.99

Clear Audio+, X-Reality PRO, iconic TV design with large speakers & enhanced sound,  Motionflow XR 480,built-in Wi-Fi and  3D

Sony KDL65W950B 580


KDL-55W950B 55-inch $2499.99

KDL-65W950B 65-inch $3299.99

X-Reality PRO, TRILUMINOS expanded color gamut, X-tended Dynamic Range for up to 2 times the brightness range, iconic TV design with large speakers and enhanced sound,built-in Wi-Fi and 3D



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  • Bob Davis

    Are there any published reviews on the Sony 50w800b.
    It’s difficult to buy a new to the market tv
    Without knowing the good and the bad.
    C/net seems to be unaware of its existence.
    Any body know ?

  • KB

    KDL-60W630B 60-inch $2299.99
    I was looking at this new model and according to their cust. service they don’t know prices but I was told it should be under $1500.?
    Just what they said….
    this model not priced on their site
    any updates?

  • Brooks

    There must be some typo either on Sony’s end or yours, cause there’s no way the KDL-60W630B is priced the same as the higher-end KDL-60W850B!

  • Jim

    Where has the W950B LED LCD HDTV been confirmed?

  • Jim

    Where did you find these prices?

    We’re pleased Sony has finally confirmed 4 out of the 9 model prices we have listed.

    HD Guru

  • Zane

    Do we know when these are available? and how does the KDL-40W600B look compared to other 500 dollar tvs. Thanks

    Sony did not show every model and screen size at the CES. Furthermor,e there is nothing to compare them to at the Sony booth except other Sony models. You’ll have to wait until it shows up at your local Sony TV dealer, probably next month.

    HD Guru

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